Woman in Mexico kidnapped dogs, asked for ransom or frozen them to sell their meat (VIDEO)

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Although it seems like a horror movie news, it happened in Puebla, Mexico. A woman was captured when she discovered that she stole the dogs to seek rescue from their owners and allegedly collected some stray dogs to sell their meat.

What was the macabre discovery in Mexico?

Woman in Mexico kidnapped dogs, asked for ransom or frozen them to sell their meat (VIDEO)

The woman allegedly asked the owners of the dogs for money with excuses for having found them or was waiting for the wanted signs to call for the reward. When this did not happen, then he would kill them and freeze them to sell their meat as "enchilada meat".

It was some residents of the sector who discovered the macabre business of the woman, who went to her house to claim some dogs that she had kidnapped, but they discovered something worse.

The woman goes by the name of Marie Antoinette P. In the place, 30 dogs were found that she had caged in her home. Also, in the refrigerator they had some dogs ready to be processed.

The incident terrified all the residents of the sector, who quickly tried to take justice into their own hands, but the police did not allow them to attack the woman. The lady's children also lived in the place, who were accomplices by not reporting their mother's activity.

How did they discover it?

Woman in Mexico kidnapped dogs, asked for ransom or frozen them to sell their meat (VIDEO)

A man had lost his French Poodle. As a result of not finding him, he fixed several posters where he promised a reward. Some time later, they called the man anonymously to warn him that his dog was in the house of the captured.

Upon arrival, the lady did not want to give her dog, so she asked the neighbors of the sector for help to enter her house to retrieve it.

"When she saw the crowd of people, she was scared and left her house with one of her children, and left the door open. That's when we were able to enter and found the macabre find," said the owner of the dog.

Upon entering they found caged dogs and other signs of torture. The following video may hurt your sensibilities, discretion is advised.

The criminal future of women and their children?

The woman has a minor child in a state of disability, now the National System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) will be in charge of ensuring the safety and well-being of the minor.

The 30 caged dogs were rescued and protected by the Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Land Management of Puebla. Some cats, rabbits and a pigeon were also rescued inside.

The woman now faces a possible 4-year jail sentence and a fine of close to $1,400. If the woman was found to be charging money to deliver the pet, she would also face extortion charges, raising the sentence.