Zendaya pays tribute to black women

Suria Ibañez
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We all love Zendaya for her unique beauty, for her way of being and also for her sensitivity. Zendaya once again proved her beauty by collaborating with artist Simone Leigh, both of whom decided to pay tribute to the black-skinned female beauty. Much is said about discrimination but nothing is done about it and this couple of women decided to do a little in order to raise awareness through a tribute.

Zendaya pays tribute to black women – News – WebMediums
Zendaya and Simone Leigh

Simone Leigh and Zendaya highlight black female beauty

Although it is believed that referring to black people in this way is racist, the reality is that it is not. For example, there is no racism in saying white people, this due to a series of beliefs in which black people are minimized. Actually believing that it is racist to say "black people" is really racist.

Artist Simone Leigh expresses the subjective of female beauty. However, Zendaya, Simone Leigh and Ryan McGinley and Garage magazine decided to take it to another level by using the art of Simone Leigh and the beauty of the young actress Zendaya, only 23 years old. Thanks to the Brick House sculpture exhibited in New York, these women managed to create a series of photographs that give black female beauty a different vision.

Zendaya pays tribute to black women – News – WebMediums
Zendaya garage

Zendaya recounted that when they offered her to do this series of photographs, she without a doubt accepted and was delighted to be able to do such a job. A story that is honored and proud to be a part of Simone Leigh's work. The young actress undoubtedly showed another facet, it could be said that in addition to being a singer and actress, she is also a beautiful model.

The photographs in which Zendaya poses are undoubtedly exceptional, they have a deep beauty that manages to be transmitted to whoever looks at them.

Zendaya pays tribute to black women – News – WebMediums