10 tips of lawyers that you must follow

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If you have a family member or lawyer friend, surely you already know some of these tips. If you do not have it the same they will serve you to take certain precautions that could get you out of some problems or better yet, help you prevent them.

Starting from nobody knows what can happen tomorrow and the same we trust that we have to pay for that trust, try to follow this decalogue to the letter (unless you occupy an exceptional case, apply to all).

10 tips of lawyers that you must continue to hire them

Tip #1 Quality costs. Forever

It is a key point because many people tend to look for the cheapest price when it comes to a lawyer or accountant, but would you choose a surgeon who will perform the operation for free? Even if you have a legal title you would not do it, nobody would.

The same if it is a problem of the automobile, everyone wants a quality job, therefore, they would hardly be decided by that mechanic who repairs all the cars free of charge.

Tip #2 Demand your bills

Whenever you make a commercial operation, no matter how simple or inconsequential it may seem, you must ask for your bills, because it is the basis you will have to legally claim later, because you can justify your expenses tomorrow or the last, because you avoid that at the cost of carelessness yours, some merchant evades his responsibilities regarding the payment of taxes.

Tip #3 Nothing better than references

To choose a lawyer, the best are customer referrals that you have previously helped and in which cases, obviously, you have been successful.

Be careful, it is important to make sure that the references are real, if you know someone who recommends you is very valid, but on the internet it is very easy to buy positive reviews, they do it from the creators of applications, sales platforms of any product and by Of course, professionals in various fields, you already know reviews, real.

Tip #4 If you're going to get married, the ideal is for both to seriously consider the separation of property

Nobody marries thinking about divorce, but statistics indicate that it is a certain possibility, so that nothing better than guarantee the least amount of problems in the case of a divorce.

That way everyone is happy at the end since the agreement of separation of goods is something that is done voluntarily and in the end in case of divorce to both corresponds what of both is without more or less.

Tip #5 Any contract or agreement that involves payment or assignment of property on your part must be in writing

Even if a lawyer does not mediate or it is not a notarized document, it is best that both parties agree on things with a signature on a document, it can always be presented as proof of the conditions, deadlines or costs actually established.

Of course, always the best is to advise you with a lawyer, for everything that involves formalities or legal agreement, do not hesitate to do so.

Tip #6 Your personal information is sacred

Never give that data in virtual spaces unless you are forced to do so. Even in some forums or web platforms, there is an option to deny the right to your data, mail and other data are used for advertising or marketing of any kind.

Do not hesitate to select that box, but first of all, remember it, you do not have to give your personal data just to register on any platform on the internet.

Tip #7 Do not wait to be old to make a will

If you already have some properties and would like to fix or secure some things in case of death for family or friends, do not hesitate to make your will from now on.

You do not know what will happen if tomorrow you are not and there is no way to be 100% sure that what you have will be done unless you leave it in writing in a will.

Tip #8 Choose a specialist lawyer for what you need

There are millions of lawyers in the world, but the lawyer you choose is not the same for all types of cases.

The lawyers specialize after graduating, both with other higher education and with the valuable complement of work with cases of the subject.

If you need to sell a property, it will always be useful to hire a firm with knowledgeable professionals from the area of ​​property sales. It is about choosing the best ones for the particular case you have in front at the moment.

Tip #9 Do not give a guarantee at the cost of your assets

There are countless cases in which even family members can give serious problems by helping them signing documents for a guarantee before the bank. They get their credit, then they are bad before the entity and you end up quoted because you signed as an endorsement and that is what it is about.

Your assets are the bank's guarantee. You can only be a guarantor of someone you trust fully and, even so, sign the guarantee making sure you have the corresponding money in your account, that your family home, the vehicle, none of your assets will be affected in a morning if the another person does not comply with the lender.

Tip #10 Do not fall into the culture of the habit of not claiming company faults

No matter how small it may seem, if a flight company breaks your suitcase they have to pay for it, it's as simple as that.

Advise yourself with a good lawyer and make the corresponding claims to obtain justice, do not fall into the trap of some people who leave it because "it has always been like this and nobody does anything", it is probably because of that, because nobody does anything, No one seriously demands or follows the case until an answer is received, that company is neglected in that element.

With good advice you can make a difference.

We hope you serve the advice, are those things that you would surely say a friend or brother who graduated as a lawyer, but if you do not have it, here are for your benefit the 10 tips that insurance would say any professional law.


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