How to create a company from scratch?

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This article is based on Spanish legislation, however, the procedures are very similar in all countries.

In the modern world, many people are betting on entrepreneurship, creating their own company and being their own bosses. Of course, this requires mandatory steps and legal procedures.

How to create a company from scratch? – Online legality – WebMediums

In this article we will help you to know what steps you must take to cover the legal requirements that are also a protection for the legal entity that you are about to conform.

What should I think about before registering a company?

There are a series of elements that must necessarily be taken into account, define some elements from which you will take a line of action and also influence certain steps of the registry, namely: the branch or activity to be developed in the company, the business capital, the viability of this (with previous market studies).

This becomes part of your own Plan, it is something personal that will help a lot at the moment of this before a legal or banking adviser.

What kind of company suits me?

As for the branch, it is a decision that depends on what you propose, what you know or what partners you have. In terms of size or constitution, it also depends a lot on your idea.

If you want to create, design websites, it may be convenient to have a personal signature or a microenterprise where you count (including yourself) with a computer / systems expert, a graphic designer and a publicist.

It will be different if your idea is to start a fast food chain, with the rental of 2 stores in your city and one in the neighboring city, for example, in this case you can propose a medium-sized company at once.

Procedures of Constitution of a company

The procedures are varied due to the great diversity of types of companies that can be constituted.

They range from the self-employed entrepreneur who has no formalities to cover, to companies such as a venture capital entity, for which a negative certification of the name of the company, prior administrative authorization of the CNMV, tax identification number, deed is required public (notarized), Tax on property transfers and documented legal acts, registration of the company in the Provincial Commercial Registry and registration of the company in the National Securities Market Commission.

As can be seen, there is a big difference between one company and another. From registering as a sole proprietor to registering a Venture Capital entity there are many types of different companies: Community of Assets, Civil Society, Collective Society, Public Limited Company, Cooperative Society and many others.

How to create a company from scratch? – Online legality – WebMediums

Registering your company online

There are some types of companies that can be created online, of course, you will always have to perform some physical procedures, but these are considerably reduced. Among the companies that can register online are:

• Limited Liability Company (SL or SRL)

• Limited Company of Successive Formation (SLFS)

• New Company Limited Company (SLNE)

• Community of goods

• Civil society

• High as self-employed (Individual entrepreneur)

Is legal advice needed to register a company online?

Yes. It is necessary both for the constitution, registration, physical procedures and online.

The truth is that the need is similar, it is about having clear steps that you must take, but also when hiring a firm with specialists in the registration of companies, they will know how to advise you to carry the books correctly from the beginning, pay the taxes that correspond to you and comply with all legal obligations.

If you need expert lawyers in the subject of business records, Loroño lawyers not only offers you advice from start to finish, but your lawyers will treat your case in a particular way, analyzing and even providing recommendations according to the information you provide on what you want As for your future company. Do not hesitate to hire experts.

Registering a company is a very serious matter, start it on your own insurance will seem more cumbersome, but with experts advising you the steps will go one after another without much trouble and best of all, with the complete assurance of covering all the legal requirements to then work without problems of any kind.

Contracts and labor relations

It is one of the most complex issues and one of the reasons that force you to seek the services of good legal professionals if you want things to go well in your company, you must take into account, among other factors:

- Vehicles and drivers: Even if it is a small company, with only one place and a vehicle to deliver cakes or pizzas, if you hire a driver you have to have insurance. To protect your vehicle, your capital before an accident, but first to cover your employee any type of medical intervention or accident care.

Many people believe that having a traditional insurance is enough and does not work like that. For each activity that your workers carry out outside the store on behalf of the company, they must be safeguarded.

- Types of contracts: You have to be clear about how many workers you will have in a fixed manner, how many temporary ones (for example, in holiday seasons, Christmas, it is normal to hire extra people), if you will need personnel with contracts for training and learning.

Based on this, you will establish the different salary levels that you will cover for said workers.

When hiring workers you must be up to date With the Social Security Regime of the same, sanctions are not avoided when they supervise you or there is an accident in your company.

The only way to avoid sanctions with security is that in all the steps of the constitution and creation of the company you have the services of expert lawyers in the subject of the registration of companies, who advise you on insurance, labor laws and other related matters .

Remember to establish the calculations and that every entrepreneur must be clear about the meaning of the investment word and its inseparable alliance with risk. You can not stop paying a worker because the week or the month was "heavy", you always have to have a capital to spend difficult moments.

Much responsibility, procedures, laws, records, but everything you achieve with constancy and above all advising you with a good law firm knowledgeable about the subject of business registration.