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How to organize your finances if you are expecting a baby?

Tips so that your sweet wait does not turn a little bitter for the cost that it requires

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How to organize your finances if you are expecting a baby? – Parent Stuff
Expecting a baby already means a high cost

One of the wonders of human life: having a baby; This for many will mean something wonderful, as for others who will not think of it with the same illusion of Yes, I want to have a baby!

Especially if it falls by surprise, perhaps, at a time that does not seem to be indicated. Not only emotionally but also monetarily.

Despite the joy or a certain feeling of confusion, we know that having a baby is a great responsibility, of time, love and money. Especially for those future mothers who suffer with hormones.

It is often very confusing to even think about finances in a situation that dulls your senses.

Unfortunately, we can't help you with each of these responsibilities of having a baby, but when it comes to finances, we are here for you!

How to organize your finances if you are expecting a baby? – Parent Stuff
Sums of money that go away with only the first months of baby

Real cost of having a baby

The least we want is to worry more, but how will you know how to handle an amount of money if you do not know how much is the approximate expenses? For this reason, we also want to explain the real numbers of the first purchases that you will have to make.

Although many have the help of their friends and family, in terms of the support of getting some of these things necessary for the baby when it is born and that lowers the total of this study.

- Clothes: Clothes such as jumpsuits, hats, stockings. Although they are so small and almost no fabric is used, they maintain a somewhat high cost. There is an approximate expense for the first 4 months of $1000 to $1500.

- Bottles and formula: This may vary, if you want to buy it in advance before the baby is born, in these prices we have added other tools for what it means to give a bottle or breast. From $160 to $350.

- Cot: $200 to $700.

- Baby carriage or car seat: $400 to $800.

- Toys and blankets: $1200 to $1800.

Of course, these prices are not exact, they vary depending on the place and what you really want to buy. It only serves to get a clearer idea, and a number in mind.

Also adding the price of the home test and the laboratory test to know if you are pregnant, medical exams, pregnancy check-ups, yoga or couples therapy during this time. $600 to $1200.

They are too many numbers, and they seem messy and that we do not add other expenses after the birth, such as the hospital, so we will give you some tips.

How to organize your finances if you are expecting a baby? – Parent Stuff
List of needs to be done

Tips for Proper Management During Maternity

Tip 1: Stay calm and organize

Not everything is out of control, it is only the uncontrolled hormones that make you feel a little loss, but in finances as at this time, we must keep calm, to be able to see an order in things.

Not everything has to be perfectly methodical, but it is advisable to make a list, for example: the cost explained above. Putting a number in mind of what you could possibly spend.

Although of course, this will not be exactly followed, but it will keep you a little more in control.

How to organize your finances if you are expecting a baby? – Parent Stuff

Tip 2: Lean on your partner

It is important both for your emotional state, to have someone by your side who can take care of you, and to make the effort that your body can not do now. In the financial sense, also have a contribution during these months.

That is why it is important to talk with your partner and propose some ideas to maintain good financial control.

If your family and friends are also in favor of getting things for the baby, that will be a lot of financial relief.

We must remember that during this time, your work will also relieve the burden a bit, since with the pregnancy leave you will continue to pay your salary. Just like your partner, who also has to ask for such permission at his job. You can't forget to do it!

Many parents don't know they can do it, and the company may not advise you of that possibility.

How to organize your finances if you are expecting a baby? – Parent Stuff
Saving is very important while you wait for your baby

Tip 3: Think about saving

As much as most parents - especially new ones - want to buy the best of the best for their baby, and apart from that, they also have the aids mentioned above.

The idea of saving is necessary, because we know that unexpected events can occur that cause us to have an even greater expense during this life process.

For this reason, we must also consider creating an emergency fund.

How to organize your finances if you are expecting a baby? – Parent Stuff
Moms always support each other

Tip 4: Reuse

This tip is usually easier to follow if you've already had another child, and you kept some things while he was a little baby.

But if it is not this way, someone else must have had a child in a period of 5 years, who can help you reuse some things.

Really, some parents will think that it is not necessary to reuse, because they have the monthly income necessary to cover all these expenses.

But when a baby is expected, the chances that something will come as a surprise to you is a very large number, for this:

Tip 5: Don't spend more than necessary

You must follow the order that you have raised until the end, it is very important that this is the case, since we hope that you can solve the problems on your own.

Do not spend more than the budget for each thing, the least you want at the time of giving birth is to fight for hospital expenses or debts, for this reason the organization explained above.

In consideration, parents, do not feel pressured, not everything has to be perfect, the arrival of a child is always different.

For this reason, finances must be optimized at the beginning, so that later you only pay attention to your little descendant, live that wonderful moment as good as possible.

We can only offer you a strong congratulation on your sweet wait and that your baby is always a happy child!