Nobody wants to be my friend because I'm fat

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If you decide that life has to be lived by friends you will have a lot of trouble, because they are not there when you need them most. If you say, "Nobody wants to be my friend because I'm fat" you should know that they do not choose you friend-or, if not, you to them.

Nobody wants to be my friend because I'm fat – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Problems in young girls

You have to be serious about this, since there are nefarious words written and especially of girls that for the age they have, they think that being fat is the last thing and they end up saying this:

"Hello, I am 11 years old I am very fat 50 kg weight, I need help to lose weight Please help me, nobody wants to be my friend because I am fat, I feel very bad! I want to lose weight, but I can not so I ask for your help, so that they give me advice to lose weight, I beg of you to help me.

Above, the boy I like does not look at me. Last year, I was very thin and we were boyfriends but as fattening I cut myself, help me please I feel very bad like that, sometimes they tell me horrible things ".

If your problem is because a child who is barely 11 or 12 years old does not look at you, then think, what can you expect from a child that age?

Nobody wants to be my friend because I'm fat – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

The only thing he wants in his life is to have fun and live despising the rest, mainly because they have nothing in their heads. What it deduces, that if a fly passes by its face that it is going to watch, because it is in its discovery stage and while more colors and pretty faces see, there will be nothing that stops it.

So think if you really want to be a toy that they use and then they leave it.

It is an absurd goal to have the best partner at that age, but what the girls should know, is that the important thing about this whole stage is to enjoy it and not get depressed for nothing. There is too much time to observe and choose who really suits you.

Why do not you like them?

First of all, you must learn that if they do not like you, it is because something they are doing to you, they have also done it to you or said it.

For this reason, you as a little woman should know that if you are attacked with these words, it is only the cunning of the coward that seeks to hurt the weakest, in this case you.

Everything they say is based on their personal resentment

Observe the case of many girls, that having the same thought end up like Valeria Levitina, this, because her problem was generated in her own home, which is a total mistake to tell a 10-year-old girl that she is fat, think What new present do you have now? Well, it's on the verge of death.

So everything they do or say is based on their personal resentment because inside they are nobody, they only have badness and empty of affection for themselves, the difference is that you must learn to love and love yourself as you are.

Nobody wants to be my friend because I'm fat – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

For that you must read a lot about self-esteem, you do this for you, if there is no one at home who can guide you, you must do it, nobody can help you more than you.

You must take the step that is to want to help you or ask for help and better if there is someone adult in your house. You must talk about what happens to you on a daily basis in school, school or wherever you are.

And if there is this type of abuses called school bullying, it is not funny to offend another person, that denotes that he is going through a terrible abuse in his home and therefore, it makes him act without intelligence.

Bullying to fat

You have to learn to see who is at our side and know how it is, in this way you do not have fear. What happens when you feel this way, that according to you is the defeat of a woman being fat, it is simply fear.

If you talk to these people who live on diets and choose alternative paths, such as bulimia and anorexia, you will realize that they have an empty life, repressed in negative experiences.

This is because they think that looking like a skeleton is the best and it is not like that. The minds of these people are subjected to a system that they have created themselves, they think all day that it is best to be thin. The fears that dominate their minds are unmistakable that lead them to act like that.

Nobody wants to be my friend because I'm fat – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Do not alter the natural development of your body

It is good to seek to be thin but at a moderate age, not at 11 that is a mistake, because the person just enters puberty (approximate age) which is the beginning of development. If you interrupt the daily portions that your body requests this does not develop properly.

So many girls aged 14 or 15, are undernourished and if they continue on that path of weight loss, your body dries, you get low in stature, without calcium, they do not shine on their skin, they wither, they lose their sense of life, ending in depression.

One way to ask for help is to get out of where you are, it's the fastest way if you talk to an adult about what happens to you.

The young age of girls who write this, they need someone to guide them and if you keep saying, "Nobody wants to be my friend because I'm fat" here are links that will guide you to know you and love you as you are.