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Online classes: How to help your children in learning?

Grecia De Flores
4 min read

In the current context of the pandemic, it is very common to find many parents worried about the new school year.

The online modality has been a challenge for everyone, this change in dynamics also means new routines at home.

That is why it is important to know how to handle this situation, here we bring you a simple guide of what you need to know to make effective learning of online classes.

How to create the ideal workspace?

Without doubt, the pandemic has caused much havoc in society, including in the area of education. Today, the little ones adapt to virtual classes where they are supported by their parents.

But so that this activity does not become a torment, I will give you some special keys to create the indicated space.

Design an exclusive space just for classes:

It is very important that children can be focused to make the most of their class schedule and can do their homework.

Online classes: How to help your children in learning? – Parent Stuff
Organize a home study space

So it is ideal that you can organize a space just for your child where they have the necessary resources for classes and homework.

In this space, you should consider the following:

  • Include books, sheets, colors and other materials

  • Avoid distractions in this space

  • Don't allow tech gadgets

It is recommended that you do not use the room or the kitchen, since surely these places are associated with eating and sleeping, which will make it more difficult for your child to concentrate.

Online classes: How to help your children in learning? – Parent Stuff
Create the ideal workspace

Get involved in activities

Depending on the age and needs of your child, he will need you to be involved in his activities.

If your children are young, you should be available at the time of class in case there is any problem with the connection, for example.

When children are older and more independent they can be alone during their classes, but remember that this process is also new for them, you are their guide.

As for adolescents, it is important to remind them of the importance of studying, to keep them motivated.

Be patient

Children, although on a different level, also have challenges and responsibilities that can make them feel burdened.

Adapting to new conditions is not always easy, let him know that you are there for him.

Don't expect it to be bug-free in the process, learning takes time and dedication.

You can help him by showing him what are the steps to follow to solve some tasks, or teach him how to organize more efficiently, the order in which to do homework.

Extracurricular activities you can include to reinforce learning

If your child is having a learning difficulty, contact his teacher; but it also works.

You can organize activities that reinforce their skills. In this particular, technological tools can be very helpful, implement them to facilitate their learning.

Includes exercise routines or some activity that your child enjoys and keeps him moving, such as dance.

Online classes: How to help your children in learning? – Parent Stuff
Dance as an extra lecture activity for children

Also make sure that they can share with their other classmates, this can be done through video call platforms or chats, so that they can socialize with their peers and share their experiences with their friends from the course.

The importance of routines as part of homeschool

To keep your child focused, you need to implement routines that structure their day.

Organize times when you watch classes, do homework, and have time for rest and entertainment. This will help him fulfill his responsibilities, and will keep you on top of his duties.

Make him a participant in the organizing process and establish a calendar of activities visible to him as well. You can set goals and rewards to reinforce their efforts.

And establish color codes in the schedules to make them more interactive. This will help your child feel stable, and he will be able to perform better in his activities.

Share your time and knowledge with him so that he feels supported, be attentive to his concerns and difficulties.