The Best Cell Phones of 2019

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Only two months after starting 2019 and the titans in telephony how Samsung, Google and Huawei they have launched their new mobile devices to the market, in order to compete with each other and attract the attention (and credit cards) of millions of Geeks to their most avant-garde cell phones.

The Best Cell Phones of 2019 – Parent Stuff – WebMediums
which is the best? The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or the Galaxy Note9, perhaps the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or the Google Pixel 3? these are the most recent inventions in mobile telephony that seek to occupy the first place in sales of the first quarter of this new year.
The Best Cell Phones of 2019 – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

which one? What's new?

For something they are the best cell phones of 2019 but that does not mean they are cheap, their new and more advanced features make them quite valuable and appreciated among the Geek community.

The fastest is undoubtedly the Samsung Note9 that has 8 GB of RAM along with an octa-core processor of 2.7 GHz unlike its cousin the Galaxy S9 Plus, which has 4 Gb of RAM equal to Pixel 3, which both work with a similar processor but 2.5 Ghz (The Google) and one of 2.7 GHz (The Samsung).

The Best Cell Phones of 2019 – Parent Stuff – WebMediums
Google Pixel 3

The Huawei is the one that is really on your heels and perhaps even surpasses the previous options, with 8GB of RAM and a Kirin 970 processor that gives it a more advanced AI, managing to recognize images, translate texts more quickly and other skills that turn this cell into a machine admired by experts.

As for the internal memory it has 128 GB similar to Pixel 3, but unlike Google (Which does not have slot for expandable memory), the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has room for a nano SD (NM card) of 256 gigabytes, a Note9 difference that has 512 on its internal disk, expandable another 512 with a Micro SD, and its smaller cousin the S9 Plus has 64 capacity with a maximum Micro SD of 400.

Best Camera, Best Resolution

As for lovers of selfie, that will be able to intoxicate them with their three cameras is again the Huawei, since it has two rear, the main 40 MP and the secondary 20 MP and a front camera of 24, these have laser focus, a hybrid zoom 5X, recognition of moving objects and other features that surely fascinate them.

Ethe second post is shared by Samsung Note9 and Google Pixel 3 both with a main camera of 12 megapixels and a frontal of 8 MP, Full HD.

The Best Cell Phones of 2019 – Parent Stuff – WebMediums
Samsung Note9

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 comes only in three shades: Ocean Blue, Midnight Black and Purple-Lavender, its price is € 889.00 paying monthly installments of € 37.04 (on the official Samsung page) although the 8 Gb version with its 512 of memory is exhausted, only available more economically (-250.02 €) with 6 RAM and 128 internal memory.

The S9 Plus instead is available in shades of Purple-Purple, Black Midnight and Coral Blue. You can also buy from the Samsung page 64Gb version in 849 euros paying monthly installments of € 35.38 or buy the 256Gb in 1049.00 € but only in Titanium Gray or black with fees of 43.71 per month.

Meanwhile the Google Pixel 3 is only available in black and white, being able to buy it on Amazon for $ 789 for 64 gigs or for $ 849.00 for 128.

The Best Cell Phones of 2019 – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

While the (Sure you will want a photographer or lover of selfies) Huawei Mate 20 Pro can be found on Ebay in Black, Blue or Green for $ 1,350.00.

We are just beginning the year so do not rush to choose, while you can continue reading the most minute details of each model and so decide the most convenient-and not leave you bankrupt clearly. Good luck.

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