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How to make cheese and spinach ravioli?

Stephany Sánchez
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How to make cheese and spinach ravioli? – Recipes – WebMediums
Cheese and spinach ravioli

The cheese and spinach ravioli is a traditional recipe of Italian gastronomy, which is based on a type of pasta with filling. This is cooked as pasta is traditionally cooked, but if you like, you can serve with plenty of cresa or chopped spinach to complement.

The authentic preparation of this recipe can be a bit complicated to prepare, since the preparation of the dough is a culinary technique of great difficulty. However, below we will explain how to prepare it in a simple way.

For this we will provide you with some tricks of traditional Italian cuisine. In addition, we offer some tips and recommendations so that your cheese and spinach ravioli are perfect.

Recipe ingredients

  • Fine salt to taste.

  • 440 grams of wheat flour.

  • Nutmeg zest, amount needed.

  • 4 large eggs.

  • 200 grams of grated cheese. (Use the one of your preference).

  • 500 grams of washed spinach.

  • 250 grams of cream cheese.

Steps for making cheese and spinach ravioli

Note: We will divide the recipe into several parts, as this is a bit long.

Preparation of the dough

  1. Break and place the four whole eggs in a bowl and then add the wheat flour, and then start mixing with your hands.

  2. If necessary, add a little water if you feel that the texture of the dough is too dry. However, this will depend on the exact size of the eggs.

  3. Transfer the dough to a flat surface to continue working with your hands.

  4. After you consider that the dough is homogeneous and a little softer and easier to mash, cover and let it rest for at least half an hour.

How to make cheese and spinach ravioli? – Recipes – WebMediums
Dough for ravioli

Preparation of the filling

  1. Bring the spinach to a boil to cook it. This can be done in a saucepan without water, so that it is cooked with the water that is emitted from the heat, boiling them in water or cooking them in a steamer.

  2. Using a strainer and pressing with a spoon, extract the water from the spinach by draining and reserving them in a bowl.

  3. In a separate bowl we will place all the cream cheese, and then we will grate about a tablespoon of nutmeg on the cheese. Then add a tablespoon of fine salt.

  4. Add all the grated cheese to the bowl and mix everything with the help of a spoon.

  5. On a board, add the freshly boiled spinach and start chopping into very small pieces.

  6. Add the spinach to the cheese mixture and begin to integrate it with the help of a spoon, until everything is very well combined.

  7. Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for half an hour.

How to make cheese and spinach ravioli? – Recipes – WebMediums
Cheese and spinach mix

Roll out the dough and assemble the ravioli

  1. Take the dough from where you had reserved it and with the help of a knife, divide the dough into four to five parts. Take one of the parts and stretch very well with the help of a rolling pin on a floured surface.

  2. Flour the flat surface again and place the flattened dough on top.

  3. Fold the stretched dough and mark the center to measure up to where you will place the filling, then roll it out again.

  4. Take a tablespoon of filling, form a ball with it, and place on the first half of the dough, approximately calculating the size of the ravioli.

  5. Continue with the process until you have finished with the first half of the dough.

  6. Fold the dough again so that it is like a lid over the first half and mark the surface of the ravioli in relation to the filling with your fingers to close the dough.

  7. Press the batter around the surface of each ravioli to close tightly.

  8. Start cutting each ravioli with the help of a knife. Remember that these have to be square and with the filling in the center, but without the dough opening. You can press the dough around the ravioli again to close well.

  9. Repeat this process until you get the amount of ravioli you consider necessary.

  10. Place the freshly made ravioli on a tray and reserve for cooking.

How to make cheese and spinach ravioli? – Recipes – WebMediums
Cut ravioli

Cooking the ravioli

  1. In a pot with enough water and over high heat, bring to a boil, add a little vegetable oil and salt to taste. Once it has started to boil, add the ravioli.

  2. Cook for at least 10 to 15 minutes or until you notice that the ravioli batter is soft.

  3. Strain the ravioli and serve while they are hot, adding a little Parmesan cheese and finely chopped spinach leaves on top for garnish.

How to make cheese and spinach ravioli? – Recipes – WebMediums
Cheese and spinach ravioli

Recommendations and tips for the perfect cheese and spinach ravioli

  • If you like, you can mix the flour and eggs from step one with a kitchen aid or bread dough mixer.

  • To stretch the dough you can use a machine, or you can do it with the rolling pin.

  • The rest of the dough that you reserve to stretch, you should keep it in the closed container to prevent it from drying out.

  • The thickness of the dough should not be very thin as the ravioli will open, nor very thick, as they will be uncomfortable to eat. Ideally, they should be just under half a centimeter.

  • If you use a machine, the regulation to flatten the dough should be 4 and pass the dough 3 or 4 times until the dough has the desired thickness.

  • The leftover dough from the ravioli can be integrated with the rest of the dough to be reused.

  • Remember to remove the air from the ravioli by pressing with your fingers and joining the dough around the filling.

Spinach Cheese Ravioli Recipe Conclusions

This is a delicious and ideal recipe for a dinner or lunch where you want to surprise your guests with a dish that is easy to prepare, but very rich. That is why we recommend you try this recipe at home and surprise everyone. Also do not forget to share it with whomever you think should try it.