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The best cheese sole recipe for dinner

Stephany Sánchez
5 min read
The best cheese sole recipe for dinner – Recipes – WebMediums
Soles with cheese

Sole is one of the most expensive fish, but it is also one of the most delicious.

The reason for this is its smooth texture, the ease of its meat to absorb the flavor and its juicy finish when cooked. Thanks to this, the plate of sole with cheese is one of the most coveted dishes.

This dish can be perfect for a special lunch or dinner, where you want to surprise your guests or diners with a delicious and easy-to-prepare recipe. However, due to their high price, even small specimens can be ideal for your rations.

Another factor to highlight is that it is necessary to clean the specimens very well before cooking them, in order to avoid possible diseases.

This is because many times during their transfers to the market they can end up dirty and mistreated.

This dish is ideal for children due to its high protein and vitamin content. Fortunately, thanks to its special sauce, children end up loving it. Therefore, if you have children at home, do not hesitate to prepare this recipe and surprise them with a rich and nutritious dinner.

Next, we will explain the ingredients and steps for its preparation, as well as offer some additional recommendations for its preparation.

Ingredients from sole to cheese

  • A large sole of approximately 2 kilograms.

  • Three tablespoons of grated cheese (it can be mozzarella cheese).

  • Four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Four cloves of garlic.

  • 30 grams of butter.

  • One lemon's juice.

  • Two tablespoons of breadcrumbs.

  • Two tablespoons of chopped parsley.

  • Salt to taste.

  • Ground white pepper.

Technical details of the recipe

  • The arrangement of the ingredients presented is to be shared between 4 diners.

  • The recipe difficulty is easy, so you don't need to be a great cooking expert to make your recipe perfect.

  • The preparation time for the dish is 5 minutes, while the cooking time is 20 minutes. This implies that the total time needed for the preparation is 25 minutes.

  • The number of calories per serving for this recipe is 590.

Recommendations before starting with the recipe

  • The best thing is that before buying the sole, make sure that it is very fresh, as this will ensure that the meat will better acquire the flavor of the ingredients. In addition, this will guarantee that authentic and endearing Mediterranean flavor.

  • Before you start preparing the recipe, be sure to wash the sole very well and cut it into chunks.

  • As for the cheese you use, although you can use the cheese of your arrogance, it is better to use mozzarella cheese, or Parmesan.

  • Another good option is to use almond sauce with the cheese, as this complements the flavor of the cheese very well.

  • If you like, you can marinate the sole one night before, so that when cooking, the meat has absorbed the seasoning of the dressings.

Steps for the preparation of sole to cheese

  1. Wash and dry the pieces of sole and salt and pepper to taste very well. Add a few drops of lemon and reserve for a few minutes.

  2. On a separate plate, prepare a mixture of butter, cheese, parsley, and breadcrumbs on a plate. Once the aforementioned ingredients are included, knead with your hands so that the ingredients integrate very well. Reserve.

  3. Peel the garlic cloves and chop them very finely, add these to a pan with the olive oil over medium heat and let them brown for a couple of minutes without letting them burn.

  4. Add the sole to the pan and water again with a few drops of lemon. Add just a little of the mixture on top of the sole to cook for a moment. Let it cook for a couple of minutes and remove from heat.

  5. Place half of the mixture previously prepared in a refractory dish and place the pieces of sole on it, to then cover them with the remaining mixture.

  6. Heat an oven and place the dish or dish in the oven. Cook at high temperature, ie approximately 220ºC for approximately 10 to 12 minutes.

  7. Serve with steamed peas and garden tomatoes if desired.

The best cheese sole recipe for dinner – Recipes – WebMediums
Preparation of sole with cheese

Recipe variations

  • Some prefer to prepare this recipe completely in the oven, while others prepare it completely in a pan, that is, they fry the sole with the mixture in its entirety.

  • A good option is to add a little almond sauce on top of the mixture once the dish is served, as it complements well with the flavor of the cheese mixture.

  • For presentation, some choose to add a little chopped parsley. On top, to enhance your presentation, you can include a whole sprig of parsley on each plate.

  • Another good idea is to add some Parmesan cheese on top to enhance its flavor.

What can I accompany the sole with cheese with?

This is a recipe that in itself is very complete, but it is also versatile to accompany various dishes or elements. Some perfect examples are as follows:

  • Accompany the sole with a garden salad, or Caesar salad. Another option is to simply accompany it with chopped garden tomatoes around it.

  • As a side, some steamed lentils are also a great option to supplement the nutritional content of sole.

  • Other great options are fried potatoes or pieces of fried bread to accompany them on a separate plate, as you can sauté them in the sole sauce to taste.

  • As for drinks, this is a recipe that complements perfectly with alcoholic beverages such as vodka, sherry or cognac. However, it can also be accompanied with a lemonade or any tropical juice.

Conclusions of the cheese sole recipe

This is an ideal recipe for those who want to surprise their friends or family with a delicious but simple dish. That is why we recommend you try to prepare it and add your personal touch.