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The best quinoa salad recipes

Stephany Sánchez
6 min read
The best quinoa salad recipes – Recipes – WebMediums
Quinoa salad

Quinoa is considered a pseudo cereal, which thanks to its unique characteristics, is ideal in any recipe, especially salads. That is why quinoa salad is ideal for those who want to follow a healthy diet, thanks to its high nutritional content.

However, you should know that to cook them, they must be washed well by rubbing them with your hands underwater. In this way the layers of saponins that cover them will disappear and give them a bitter taste.

Here we will explain some of the best quinoa salad recipes.

Quinoa salad with vegetables

The best quinoa salad recipes – Recipes – WebMediums
Quinoa salad with vegetables

It is a type of Asian-style salad, which is prepared with prawns and avocados.


  • Half a tablespoon of maple syrup.

  • 60 grams of quinoa.

  • 15 ml of corn oil.

  • 150 grams of prawns.

  • An avocado

  • Fresh coriander

  • 100 grams of lamb's lettuce.

  • 15 ml of soy sauce.

  • 100 grams of Cherry tomato.

  • 2 chives

  • 20 ml of lemon juice.

  • A quarter tablespoon of chili flakes. (Optional).

Steps for its elaboration

  1. Boil the quinoa in a saucepan of water according to the manufacturer's instructions on the package. It usually only takes 15 minutes for it to boil.

  2. Drain the quinoa seeds and reserve in a bowl.

  3. In a separate pot, bring the prawns to a boil, drain and reserve.

  4. While the prawns are cooking, prepare the dressings by mixing the lemon juice with the chili, syrup, and oil. Mix to integrate.

  5. Next, pour half of the previous mixture over the quinoa.

  6. Cut the spring onion into pieces and add it as well, together with the reserved prawns and the lamb's lettuce with quinoa and dressings.

  7. Also add the sliced avocado and chopped tomatoes. Mix and add salt to taste.

  8. Top with a little chopped fresh cilantro.

  9. Serve immediately while still fresh.

Quinoa salad with cucumber

The best quinoa salad recipes – Recipes – WebMediums
Quinoa salad with cucumber

Cucumber Quinoa Salad is a delicious and nutritious mix, perfect for summer.


  • Extra virgin olive oil, necessary quantity.

  • 200 grams of quinoa.

  • Apple cider vinegar, necessary amount.

  • 8 units of Cherry tomatoes.

  • Salt to taste.

  • A handful of fresh mint.

  • Half a unit of yellow pepper.

  • A branch of fresh parsley.

  • 800 ml of water.

  • A small cucumber.

Steps for the elaboration

  1. Wash the quinoa very well under the tap.

  2. Place the quinoa in a food processor and add a pinch of salt. Program the processor for 18 minutes on low speed.

  3. After this time, pass the quinoa through a strainer and wait for it to cool down a bit.

  4. Peel and cut the cucumber into slices and reserve in a container.

  5. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into medium pieces, or if you like, cut them in half. Likewise, wash and cut the yellow pepper into pieces. Reserve them in a container.

  6. Wash the parsley and mint and drain well. Reserve the plants.

  7. Add the freshly washed tomato, cucumber, peppers and aromatic herbs into the food processor glass. Cut them at high speed for at least 4 seconds.

  8. Put the contents of the food processor in a bowl or salad bowl and add the quinoas. Wait for them to cool down a bit and mix.

  9. Add salt, pepper, vinegar, and olive oil to taste and serve the salad portions on plates.

Quinoa and Vegetable Salad

The best quinoa salad recipes – Recipes – WebMediums
Quinoa and Vegetable Salad

It is a type of quinoa salad that is prepared warm, with roasted pumpkins and pomegranates.


  • Lettuce.

  • 250 grams of pumpkin.

  • Extra virgin olive oil.

  • 200 grams of boiled quinoa.

  • Sunflower seeds and seeds, quantity required.

  • A lemon.

  • A grenade.

Steps to follow for the elaboration

  1. Preheat the oven to 200º C.

  2. Cut the squash into medium pieces after peeling. Reservation.

  3. Cut the onion into julienne strips. Grease a baking dish with olive oil and place the pumpkin pieces and onion pieces in it, season with salt and a little olive oil.

  4. Put the container in the oven at 200ºC for approximately 20 minutes.

  5. Wash the quinoa, place it in a pot with water and a little salt, and let it boil over medium heat on the stove for 10 minutes. Follow the instructions on the package for its preparation.

  6. After it boils, drain the seeds and put the seeds in a bowl or salad bowl.

  7. Add the chopped lettuce and once you remove the squash and onions from the oven, add it to the bowl or salad bowl.

  8. Peel the pomegranates, cut it into medium pieces and add to the salad.

  9. Salt and pepper the salad to taste and add a little olive oil and lemon juice to taste.

  10. Serve in portions on plates and enjoy.

Quinoa salad easy recipe

The best quinoa salad recipes – Recipes – WebMediums
Quinoa salad easy recipe

This is one of the simplest salads to prepare, which is nutritious and made with easily available ingredients.


  • Salt to taste.

  • A handful of walnuts.

  • Olive oil.

  • Half a cup of boiled quinoa.

  • Vinegar.

  • A lettuce.

  • A cucumber cut into thin slices.

  • Half a yellow pepper.

  • 3 slices of cheese, it can be the one of your preference, but the best is the Halloumi.

  • 3 cherry tomatoes

Steps to follow for the elaboration

  1. Wash the quinoa very well under running water and place it in a pot with vegetable broth or two cups of water.

  2. Turn the stove on to medium heat until it comes to a boil and cook for 20 minutes covered. You will know the seeds are ready when they are a little transparent.

  3. Drain the seeds and stir with a fork.

  4. Cook the cheese in a pan previously greased with a little olive oil.

  5. Wash and cut the lettuce into pieces and place it in the bottom of the salad bowl or bowl. Then, add the quinoa, the chopped tomatoes, the pepper cut into strips and the cucumber slices, all of this previously cut.

  6. Incorporate the walnuts in the center, add salt, vinegar and a little olive oil.

  7. Cut the cheese and arrange it as you like on the salad. Mix everything together and serve fresh.

Quinoa salads conclusions

Quinoa salad is one of the best and most nutritious, ideal for those who want to start a healthier diet. Therefore, we encourage you to try it at home or share it with whomever you think needs to start eating healthier.