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The best way to make sweet and sour chicken or Chinese style

Stephany Sánchez
6 min read
The best way to make sweet and sour chicken or Chinese style
Chinese style chicken

Chinese style chicken or sweet and sour chicken is an ideal dish for lovers of Chinese food, thanks to the fact that it is a great combination of sweet and salty flavor. Plus, its juicy appearance is a direct invitation to melt in your mouth.

That is why below we will explain how to make this dish easily and in a short time. In the same way, we offer you some recommendations so that this recipe is perfect for you.

Chinese style chicken ingredients

  • Four chicken thighs without skin, without bones and without traces of fat.

  • Four tablespoons of cornstarch, cornstarch or rice flour.

  • A beaten egg.

  • Half a tablespoon of garlic powder or two cloves of garlic cut into sheets or small pieces.

  • A quarter tablespoon of ground black pepper.

  • A quarter of a tablespoon of fine salt.

  • Vegetable oil or olive oil, the amount you consider necessary.

  • Olive oil for the sauce, necessary amount.

  • Two additional garlic cloves for the sauce.

  • A tablespoon of chili powder or paprika.

  • A quarter cup of orange juice (preferably natural).

  • Half a cup of sugar.

  • Three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

  • Three tablespoons of soy sauce.

  • Cornstarch, the amount needed for the sauce.

Steps for making Chinese style chicken

Note: We will divide the process into several pairs to give you a better understanding of the process.

Chicken preparation

  1. Wash the chicken, remove the bone, skin and fat. Cut the chicken into medium pieces, so that when cooking it is soft and crunchy simultaneously.

  2. Place the chicken pieces in a bowl and add three tablespoons of cornstarch.

  3. Beat an egg in a smaller bowl and add it to the chicken with the cornstarch.

  4. Next, add half a tablespoon of garlic powder or minced garlic cloves, a quarter of ground black pepper, and a quarter of a tablespoon of salt.

  5. Mix everything with the help of a spoon so that it is incorporated very well.

The best way to make sweet and sour chicken or Chinese style
Chicken with the mix

Chicken cooking

  1. Place a skillet with enough oil on the stove and turn it over medium heat.

  2. Wait for the oil to heat up, but without smoking, and add half of the chicken pieces.

  3. Let them cook until you notice that the pink or red of the chicken has disappeared and remove it completely, draining well. Reserve it in a bowl.

  4. Enter the second batch of chicken and repeat the above process, removing the half-cooked chicken again. Reserve the second batch in another bowl.

  5. Place the first batch of fried chicken halfway through and let it cook completely until golden brown.

  6. Remove the chicken from the skillet and drain, placing it on a plate lined with absorbent paper.

  7. Continue repeating the process with the second batch of chicken that was half cooked.

The best way to make sweet and sour chicken or Chinese style
Frying the chicken pieces

Preparation of the sauce

  1. In a frying pan with enough oil and heating on the stove over medium heat, add the minced garlic, followed by hot chili or morón chili powder. Begin mixing with a spoon as they cook.

  2. After a minute, add the orange juice and continue mixing.

  3. Add half a cup of sugar and keep mixing to blend well while it cooks. If you like, add a quarter cup of sugar more.

  4. Pour three tablespoons of soy sauce into the sauce and let it cook without stirring for half a minute and then start mixing again with the spoon.

  5. Add the apple cider vinegar, immediately followed by a tablespoon of cornstarch, and we begin to mix so that it integrates well.

  6. Keep stirring the sauce as it thickens, so it doesn't stick to the bottom.

  7. When you notice that the sauce has thickened a little, add the fried chicken that you had reserved (while it is still hot) and mix well so that the chicken pieces are completely bathed in the sauce.

  8. Cut a few pieces of chives, parsley or cilantro very finely and sprinkle over the chicken when serving.

The best way to make sweet and sour chicken or Chinese style
Sweet and sour sauce for chicken
The best way to make sweet and sour chicken or Chinese style
Chicken with sweet and sour sauce

Recommendations and tips for a perfect Chinese-style chicken

  • Follow our recommendation to fry the chicken, as this way the chicken will be perfectly crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside.

  • You should use cornstarch, cornstarch or rice flour to fry the chicken, as this is what will help delay the chicken from burning and allow the chicken to be soft and well cooked inside.

  • This is a dish that should be served hot and fresh, but without reheating, as this will cause it to lose consistency and flavor.

  • It is best to have the sauce ready when the chicken is finished cooking, to immerse it in it immediately.

  • If you have a steel whisk, it is better to use it when making the sauce so that the cornstarch is better integrated with the ingredients and there are no lumps.

  • If you like, you can substitute pork for chicken for a sweet and sour pork dish.

  • You can accompany this recipe with white rice, fried potatoes or with Chinese fried rice.

  • Don't forget to serve this chicken with a little soy sauce or Chinese oyster sauce for the diner to add to taste.

  • Consider using some grated ginger to season your chicken, as this will give it an authentic Chinese flair.

  • It's also a good option to use a little oyster sauce to add to the sweet and sour sauce for an added kick.

  • If you are not a fan of spicy, you can skip the chili powder and substitute it for paprika or ground onoto to add color and a little flavor.

Sweet and sour chicken or Chinese style chicken is a typical dish of Chinese gastronomy and sweet and sour pork can be made in the same way. This is delicious, very simple to make, so it won't take you long to make.

That is why we encourage you to try it at home and surprise yourself with a new way of making chicken.