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Actor Oh Young Soo from "The Squid Game" makes Mijoo cry with his words

Luis Rafael
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The actor from the famous Korean series shared his perspective on life and his relationship with Squid game. This caused Lovelyz 's Mijoo to get excited.

Player 001 from " The Squid Game" has intrigued all the fans of the series. To tell the truth, Oh Young Soo has caused a lot of feelings, in addition, he has moved more than one with the story behind his character to the shock of his fate.

Actor Oh Young Soo, who plays 001, appeared on a television show and contrasted the genuineness of The Squid Game, and Lovelyz member Mijoo couldn't resist the opportunity to cry after hearing her words.

Actor Oh Young Soo from "The Squid Game" makes Mijoo cry with his words
Actor Oh Young Soo from "The Squid Game" makes Mijoo cry with his words

Oh Young Soo's words about "The Squid Game"

The Squid game 001 player Oh Young Soo appeared as a guest on MBC's Hangout with Yoo alongside Lovelyz 's Mijoo.

The actor is 58 years old in this world of cinema and did not stop for a second to share his opinion on the history that The Squid Game represents and Korean culture.

“Our society tends to think that you should only get first place. But, even if the second place has lost against the first, they have had to beat the third place before.

We are all winners. For me, a true winner is someone who does their best at what they enjoy and works hard to gain a certain level of knowledge,”clarified Oh Young Soo.

Oh Young Soo also spoke about his own life and admitted that he does not have high aspirations, as he might want to leave behind all that he has achieved over time. “When I was young, I used to pick flowers from the mountains, but at this age I would just leave them in their place and see them again on another occasion.

I think it's the same about life. Leave it as it is, which is very difficult to do,”said the Korean actor.

Lovelyz 's Mijoo, who listened attentively to the squid game animator's words, couldn't resist the opportunity to be moved to tears by his way of thinking about life.

It is worth mentioning that, throughout Oh Young Soo 's interview, the Lovelyz member has been attentive to all the things that actor Oh Young Soo mentioned, she devoted all her attention to him and in her eyes you could see how moved she was. He claims to have admired Young Soo for his way of interpreting the story.

How can you play the Squid Game?

The Squid Game is inspired by a similarly named Korean children's game in which members must storm and safeguard a space framed by the states of a circle, triangle, and square.

The object of the game is to reach the squid's head before the opponent and knock the squid out of the squid box in order to claim victory. This is a game that has been around Asian culture for centuries and is iconic in South Korea.