Filmed alleged intimate photo of Tom Holland actor of Spider-Man

Fermín Gómez
2 min read

Apparently Tom Holland would have been a victim of the hackers since it is circulating through social networks a supposed intimate photo of the interpreter of Spider-Man. In that image the actor in the shower would be seen wearing his virile member and smiling.

Filmed alleged intimate photo of Tom Holland actor of Spider-Man

Immediately, its thousands of followers flooded social networks to seek and corroborate that the photograph was real or prove it was false.

Apparently the image would be a montage, since there is a photo where Tom Holland he is in a pool with a friend with the same smile and with his face in the same angle as the one that appears in the photograph that has circulated without censorship on the Internet.

So far it's all about speculation, since Tom Holland has not made any official statement to pronounce on what happened.

His real name is Thomas Stanley Holland, was born in 1996, he is a British actor and dancer. He has made several interpretations, such as Lucas Bennett in the movie The Impossible, as well as Thomas Nickerson in the heart of the sea, but without a doubt acting like the young Peter Parker y Spider-Man within the saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is the one that has projected him to stardom worldwide.

As anecdotal data and as a sign of his commitment to acting, Tom Holland he suggested to Marvel Studios that he should go to a secondary school in a covert way to investigate the character, since we all know that peter Parker is a real nerd and so learn what life and the environment are like in American schools. Marvel accepted his proposal.

The institution chosen was the Bronx School of Science in New York, which the actor attended for three full days.