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Actor Vin Diesel took Paul Walker's daughter down the aisle at their wedding

Luis Rafael
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All the people who saw the saga of Fast and Furious realize that all the members of the group have a brotherly affection, they are family. Clearly this was in the fiction of the film, however it appears to remain the same way in real life.

Since the model Meadow, daughter of the late actor Paul Walker, shared photographs and a video on her Instagram account where she is seen walking down the altar lovingly intertwined with the authentic actor Vin Diesel, one of the protagonists of the renowned saga.

The images did not take long to have a global impact, producing an avalanche of comments that detonated social networks.

Actor Vin Diesel took Paul Walker's daughter down the aisle at their wedding
Actor Vin Diesel was privileged to bring Paul Walker's daughter to the altar at her wedding

Vin Diesel, "Family comes first"

Vin Diesel has always had the code of "The Family", he has always been clear that this is the most important thing for him, as he has shown in his films. Obviously Paul Walker was a brother to him, he made him of his family and they both had a brotherly bond.

Despite the fact that more than 7 years have passed since the actor's death, Vin has not lost the contact and affection he has for Paul's family.

He has always been very close to the Paul Walker family, especially with Meadow and that is why this time he was the one who had the honor of taking her down the aisle.

Everyone has been moved to see the beautiful images of Vin and Meadow at the ceremony, honestly Paul Walker would have been proud of his daughter and his "brother".

Meadow married actor and model Louis Thornton-Allan, and they had a passionate ceremony near the ocean. The model published some postcards of that exceptional day. "We are married," he composed alongside a high-contrast video of his rare day by the ocean.

Meadow honored his father by asking his best friend Vin Diesel to take his special place.

The daughter of actor Paul Walker respected her father's memory, asking Diesel to take on this great privilege of walking her down the aisle during their wedding.

The photos published in the online media show Meadow's extraordinary affection for Vin. She was lovely and sparkly in a stunning white wedding dress with a strappy neckline.

Other photographs show the lady of the moment and her husband greeting their wedding guests in front of the sea. It is worth mentioning that another actress from the Fast and Furious saga also attended the event, the famous Jordana Brewster, who played Mia Toretto.

It should be remembered that the Fast and Furious films left a beautiful friendship between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

Over time, they established a strong bond and were incredible companions until November 2013, when the actor sadly passed away during a car accident.

At the time Walker died, the model was fifteen years old and on more than one occasion has posted messages remembering her father. The 22-year-old kept in touch with her father's classmates and was seen last June at the premiere of F9, the last part of Fast and Furious in which her father was a central participant.