Adele and Rihanna would be coming back with new music this month

Cristian García
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Recently, information has been released about the participation of a mysterious musical character in various well -known talk shows in the United States. In this way, everything seems to point to that said incognito artist could be both Rihanna and Adele, artists who have stayed away from the music industry for an extensive number of years.

Adele and Rihanna would be coming back with new music this month
Photo: Ginger Generation.

All this rumor would be generated after the confirmation, by the largest talk shows in the United States, of the return or the participation of a special guest in their late shows. The list of such shows would be as follows: Late Night With Seth Meyers (NBC), The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (CBS), Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC), Conan (TBS) and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

All these rumors of the return of these pop divas were based on these confirmations of the main "late shows" in the United States. In this way, fans of both artists would be quite sure that the "guest character" that is talked about so much would be Rihanna or Adele :

Adele began to be, recently, quite active in her social networks, sharing various aspects of her personal life and pointing out that she was already producing her new album. In addition, several reliable sources and insiders of the artist affirmed that the singer would be returning this year, and, in addition, she would release her new album by the end of 2019.

On the other hand, Rihanna has found herself quite busy promoting her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line, in addition to being participating in campaigns for various internationally renowned brands. Even so, there would still be the possibility that the artist will return this year with a new musical project after the great success of her previous album ANTI.

No official confirmation has yet been made on the return of Rihanna or Adele to the music scene, although questions still remain about who would be the guest artist who would appear on these renowned US talk shows.