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Adele is in negotiations to make a documentary with Netflix

Luis Rafael
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Apparently, the artist Adele has received an offer from one of the largest streaming industries in the world "Netflix", to document her return from the music scene with her new collection 30, which has caused an earthquake in the graphics both in the United Kingdom as in the United States.

The organization is convinced that viewers will participate more in the show, if it includes some performances that the artist has performed in her exhibitions, and that she has offered to advance her most recent LP.

One of these LPs was in the closing show that he offered just a couple of days before in London and, above all, his wonderful arrangement next July at the annual summer party that takes place in the central Hyde Park of the capital. British.

Netflix plans to incorporate parts of Adele's personal life into its documentary

Adele is in negotiations to make a documentary with Netflix – Showbiz
Singer Adele is in negotiations to make a documentary with Netflix

Netflix also needs to show some scenes that bring out the most intimate and personal side of the artist, in the style of the narratives that it has created so far with other pop stars such as "Taylor Swift" or "Shawn Mendes",

The industry would pay the singer a large amount of money so that she can reveal her personal life and says that as the demands increase, the value of the contract will also increase.

About the documentary

Rich Paul "representative of the artist, mentioned that" Adele is the most requested artist out there, apart from everything else, and Netflix accepts that together they can do something truly out of the ordinary, he said.

In addition, it has given reason to question the likelihood that Adele will be able to embark on a large-scale world tour, as she has done in past events, due to the friendly movement limitations that could arise again to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world macro tour for his fans

Without a doubt, the singer-songwriter Adele is one of the best artists of the moment and has a large community of fans throughout the world.

For this reason, he now has the wonderful project of going on a world tour planned so that all the fans from different countries of the world can enjoy his shows.

During the same interview conducted by "The Sun" Adele's representative spoke about this project and mentioned its main objective.

"This narration could serve to bring Adele closer to her fans, especially when her preparations for the visit are at a standstill due to COVID-19. It could also help fans who cannot get passes for their next presentations," expressed Paul at the end of the interview for the North American news agency.