Selena Quintanilla and Eduardo Palomo, how was the meeting between the artists?

Grecia De Flores
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Recently he became viral within social networks, dating from the 1994 years, in which the singer Quintanilla had the opportunity to share a platform with the great singer and Mexican actor Eduardo Palomo.

Although his death was in 1995, Selena Quintanilla has been a legacy that only grows over the years, since her fans have continued with her legacy and passion over the years above all, after the boom that had the last bioserie that premiered and project in Netflix “Queen of Tex Mex”. Thanks to this type of materials, the legacy of her life and songs of her have become even more popular, making them hundreds of fans who now want to know more about her idol.

Selena Quintanilla and Eduardo Palomo, how was the meeting between the artists?
Selena Quintanilla.

The cruel murder, of Selena that was at the hands of who was the president of his Yolanda Fan Club Saldívar, made the Diva Del Tex Mex became a legend with each of his songs and projects. Likewise, there was a great stir between his fan given all the works, songs and products that were held once the murder happened, since they had memories or feelings found about this situation.

One of the so many reasons that sank all their fans after the tragedy that the Diva suffered was the fact that the interpreter of “like the flower” had the longing to become a mother next to who at that moment was her husband Chris Pérez.

However and recently, it has become viral within social networks, a video in which we can see Selena in 1994, when she had the opportunity to share a platform with whom she was also a singer and a Mexican actor of much popularity, Known as Eduardo Palomo.

How did the scenario play together?

The daughter of Abraham Quintanilla was the one who became a lot of a lot of recognition, in all these years of his career, among whom we can highlight the prizes highlight the Grammy, Billboard, Texan Music Awards and likewise the prizes. And it was precisely within the ceremony of Univisión and the stars, the place in which the magical meeting of both artists was given.

Palomo was the one who granted the prize to Selena

Right in the video published within the YouTube platform, which we can visualize Eduardo Palomo, together Xuxa of Brazilian origin and also to the model MONSERRAT OLIVER, who made it known to the public what it was The name of the singer who won as 'regional Mexican' and likewise as 'female artist of the year', once announced the news, the Texan Star was invited on stage in order to receive his prize.

Selena's outfit that caused furor among all the public

Selena who was sitting next to Chris Pérez, climbed on stage once heard his name as the winner, he proceeded to kiss his partner before heading on stage and climbed down with a big smile in her lips. The actor of “Wild Heart” received her from a corner in which was the stand and helped her go to her where the Hostess so that they made it official trophy delivery. Quintanilla attended the event with a snitch pants, which was in accordance with a sleeveless black-collar sleeve blouse, which was added a belt in order to accentuate the figure of it.