Alba Flores kisses a woman!

Suria Ibañez
2 min read

Although we are in the XXI century, just when fighting for Human Rights, dignified treatment and equity regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, it seems that there are some people who have not yet understood it and continue to be alarmed when they see homosexual couples.

As an example, there are several magazines that were alarmed by writing their notes in a derogatory way regarding the kiss of Alba Flores. What cause controversy.

But what happened to Alba Flores ? The reality is that nothing out of the ordinary, Alba was simply seen with another girl showing affection like any couple. So... what alarmed so many magazines? Simple! The fact that the displays of affection are between women. Ridiculous, don't you think?

It should be noted that it is not the first time that we see this beautiful actress kiss with a woman. Some time ago Alba and Ursula Corbero kissed in celebration of the conclusion of the second season of La casa de papel.

Alba Flores kisses a woman! – Showbiz – WebMediums

With this it is clear to us that we still live in a somewhat conservative society, although of course all is not lost because fortunately there are already heterosexual and homosexual people who show discontent for belittling or exceeding the rights of the LGTBI + community.

Alba Flores kisses a woman! – Showbiz – WebMediums