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Alejandro Sanz announces his new album called "Sanz"

Luis Rafael
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The famous singer from Spain recently announced the premiere of his new album, the name of the album is the artist's last name, and it will apparently be the last official album of Alejandro Sanz.

Also, he mentioned that for this new album, he tried to find his roots and indeed managed to achieve the results he hoped for during the recording process.

The famous Alejandro Sanz lately was touring all over the United States, began in October in the city of Chicago. Now, to end 2021 with a flourish, the artist wants to carry out a project that helps him reconnect with all his publications that have been following him since the beginning of his career.

Alejandro Sanz announces his new album called "Sanz" – Showbiz – WebMediums
Alejandro Sanz announces his new album called "Sanz"

The Spanish singer reconnects with his roots in his new album "Sanz"

For a long time, the Spaniard was looking for a way to reconnect with his entire audience, and with himself in this era where everything is so far apart. That is why he decides to release a new album to close the year and offer a good show to all his fans.

During a digital press conference that Alejandro Sanz was given, they mentioned the theme of the premiere of his new album and asked him several questions.

The Spaniard said that this new album helped him a lot to reconnect with his roots, and made him return to the times when he is only venturing into the world of music.

Sanz talks about his roots

Obviously, the composer from Madrid is quite pleased with the results of his precious album. For this reason, he decided to mention the vision he has with his new project and to mention the importance of the roots and the sense of belonging that we must have:

"After a long time and many years of career, you realize that the more roots, more wings and the more international you want to be, the more local you have to be."

“I don't go back to my neighborhood because I never really left there, but after having made presentations in places of great renown, bombastic and returning to the neighborhood, to the place where I started playing for the first time and being able to show my new work there It seems to me an act of poetry, of poetic courage,” Alejandro Sanz concluded during the press conference.

The new album has been in the works since the beginning of the pandemic

The renowned 52-year-old Alejandro Sanz mentioned that this new album has had several months of development, it was quite a complex job, and it was done so that each of the details fit into the corresponding track.

He was able to develop it calmly thanks to the confinement of the pandemic and had enough time to complete it to its final phase.

“It was an album dedicating all the time in the world to him, taking care of the details and the quality of each of the arrangements, on that side very well. Making an album is the way I have to express my way of feeling”, he mentioned his new album, which consists of 10 songs and which are already available through YouTube.