Ariana Grande and Michael Jackson syndrome

 Jender Milano
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Due to a recent interview that the artist Ariana Grande gave to Vogue magazine, in which she was on the cover again (last year she was also on the cover of the famous magazine), many of her fans noticed in a certain detail more than what is developed in the interview itself.

Her image is beautiful as always, she wears a delicate designer dress (Dior), with a giant hat that looks great with the straps of her dress. However, both from the critics and many of his followers have rained certain comments regarding the skin tone that is noticeable on the cover.

Inverted Michael Jackson syndrome

Many comment that the artists have been applying makeup and tanning in an exaggerated way to darken their skin color, either to better fit their taste and admiration for singers with dark skin tone or to give a twist to their image, is the conclusion to which many have come and have expressed it in their comments.

Although the singer expressed in the interview interesting secrets and anecdotes about her career and what has allowed her to go so far, most seem to have focused on her skin tone, perceiving something similar to the case of Michaek Jackson although inverted (it is known that Michael He did everything possible, even operations to change his skin color, in his case to lighten it).

Some even say that they immediately recognize the dog in the photo but not Ariana Grande, perhaps exaggerating a bit. The point is that obviously Ariana has not had special treatments to darken her skin, everything indicates that at the beginning she used creams and some facial treatment that made her look lighter, that is, the darker tone that we see now seems to be your actual skin tone. Against the wish of some of his fans the clearest probability prevails, and it is just the opposite of what is criticized.

After all, as white as Madonna or African American with the darkest skin we can imagine, the talent of the beautiful Ariana Grande is undeniable, her voice and her charisma enchanted her followers who will surely continue to listen to her music beyond the moment. Media for this interview and his image.


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Michael Jackson did NOT try to change his skin color. Jackson had Vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that destroys the pigment (Melanin) in skin. It spreads and eventually turns darker skin to transparent where it looks white compared to the surrounding skin. Vitiligo runs in the Jackson family.

Initially Jackson tried to use dark makeup on the splotches that were devoid of Melanin to even out his skin color. As the Vitiligo Universalis spread and destroyed more and more Melanin, it made more sense to use light makeup on the dark spots.

Jackson struggled with Vitiligo his whole adult life. Imagine how humiliating it was for a proud Black man (yes, he was) who makes a living on stage, to have a skin condition that affected his appearance. Jackson also had Lupus Erythematosus, which made sunburn and 3rd degree burns from exposure a real threat to Jackson’s health.

It seems egregiously irresponsible for a journalist (?) to not only believe the tabloid narrative of Jackson’s life, but to parrot that myth in mainstream media. A nominal bit of research would reveal the truth about Jackson’s skin condition but apparently that is too tedious to undertake for a writer? It’s not only unacceptable; it’s shameful.