ARMY celebrates the birthday of Namjoon, the famous leader of BTS

Cristian García
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Today, South Korea would be celebrating the birthday of the famous rapper and leader of BTS, Namjoon. In this way, the ARMY or fan of the artist have decided to join in social networks to wish the idol a great happy birthday. Thus, it seems that a historic moment for RM and the entire K-pop group would be marking again.

Namjoon would be turning 25, being one of the oldest members of BTS. Even so, the leader of this boy band continues to prove that he is one of the most active, attractive and loved members of the entire ARMY. Therefore, this fan has not taken a second to go to social networks to congratulate the idol.

ARMY celebrates the birthday of Namjoon, the famous leader of BTS

BTS's Namjoon is celebrating his birthday: ARMY celebrates with K-pop idol

The ARMYs have decided to take over Twitter to congratulate BTS 's RM. In this way, various hashtags in celebration of the idol have become a global trend and in a wide variety of countries. Thus, the ARMY would be marking history once again by proving that they are the widest and most faithful fanbase in the entire K-pop world.

What was not expected is that 6 of the top 10 trending topics or world trends on Twitter would be to congratulate the K-pop idol. Thus, the entire world community would be knowing that Namjoon would have his birthday today and that he would have a large community of fans who love him and are always attentive to his well-being.

RM has always proven to be a great person, supporting all the members of BTS in their most difficult moments. In addition, he always tries to show his love for the ARMY, noting all the appreciation he has for receiving great unconditional love from them and for supporting him on all kinds of occasions. In this way, there is nothing left but to congratulate Kim Namjoon for celebrating another year accompanied by all the ARMYs.