Bad Bunny swept the Billboard of Latin music and was heled as a gentleman with Paquita La del Barrio

Luis Rafael
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There is no doubt that Bad Bunny took all the consideration at the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards, and not just for the 10 honors he won, including 'Artist of the Year'. The 'Bad Bunny' astonished from the catwalk of honor, accompanied by her better half Gabriela Berlingeri, this being the first time that he has been seen with her on an occasion of this depth.

In any case, that was not all, since it was also shown as a courteous type in one of the most passionate snapshots of the matter, held at the Watsco Center of Coral Gables, Florida.

Everything happened when they declared the prize Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award, which was delivered to the Mexican artist Paquita La del Barrio.

Bad Bunny swept the Billboard of Latin music and was heled as a gentleman with Paquita La del...

The Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny helps “Paquita La del Barrio” To receive his award

The previous night in the Awards Billboard 2021 There were notorious minutes, since the appearance of Christian Nodal with Belinda, passing through the kiss of Rosalia with Tokischa, until he had as Heroes Al "Bad Rabbit" And to the Mexican vocalist.

These honors considered the artist and gave him the prize Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award. To achieve this, Paquita La del Barrio went to the scene of the arm of, sincerely, the Yonaguni mediator, which helped her up, get the praise of all the public.

Bad Bunny He got up from his seat to help the melody mediator as'three times he cheated', to receive his honor.

As if that were not enough, the Puerto Rican artist held the amplifier, as it was excessively high for Paquita the neighborhood when he gave his speech.

This gallant signal incited the response of the honoree, which, as a joke, gave him his example expression: "You are useless".

"The award of the Honor of the Night is for #Badbunny #Billboards2021". You can read from the prizes account Billboard on InstagramInstagram, next to the video of that second.

The response of the clients did not wait, and the post gathered more than 71,000 preferences and many comments, highlighting the Talking of Bad Bunny, as well as Paquita's conscience of what is hilarious.

Both artists manifested their words before the media

"I have loved the emotion and, as has been said, the value never ceases to be popular", "Paquita being Paquita, ha ha ha", "I loved it, what a wonderful motion", and "For that and for 1,000 different reasons, I love him", are a part of the messages that can be read next to the closing.

Afterwards, and in a more genuine tone, the vocalist, who joined the palmarés of the Billboard 2021 awards, thanked this recognition and broke to cry.

"Thank you kindly to each one of you, at the Billboard prizes for recognizing me and considering me. I could express many things, but I think it's smarter to stand and thank all the adoration" she shouted.

This is how Bad Bunny showed that, in addition to being an extraordinary craft, it is also an incredible person. Hence, we granted another honor, and he is the word man at night at the Billboard 2021 prizes.