More than 2.6 million followers and fails to sell 36 t-shirts, Influencer?

 Jender Milano
3 min read

A recent case triggered the alarms of companies that still had the number of followers as a guarantee of "influence "for sale of products of the divas in social networks.

This is Arianna Renee "Arii", a girl of just 18 who decided to enter the world of fashion with her own brand, ERA, but could not meet the goal required by the company that would sponsor her prior to the contract: sell 36 shirts.

More than 2.6 million followers and fails to sell 36 t-shirts, Influencer?
Photo by geralt on Pixabay

The complexity of social media marketing

The case of Arii is not unique, companies that already understood the complexity of marketing in RRSS, are clear that millions of followers does not guarantee millions and even thousands of sales, everything has to do with market segment and with a constant work on certain area.

Ahem: A fitness girl with 10,000 followers, especially if she is a coach, can sell more products to tone up than a diva with 1,000,000 followers, because her audience knows that she not only has a good body, but also knows the subject.


They are the key elements in modern market strategies for specific products, while influencers are still sought after for mass campaigns. With Arii it can not be said that the girl did not use her resources to the fullest and she tried to convince her followers to help her in the goal, she was her own model and well she got likes in every photo, so what did she fail?

That question should be asked by her as much as we are, since her initial reaction was as flawed as trying to blame her followers for "not keeping her word" "to buy at least one of your clothes.

The post about his failure got almost 40,000 likes

This again shows us the complexity of the topic, the diva did not reach the sale of 36 flannels but when writing about her experience and failure in the proposed goal, her followers "supported" her. with almost 40,000 likes. That is, with 0.01% of those likes in sales would have saved your brand at the time.

But Arii did not give up, returned to the charge and then claimed to have sold 250 shirts, although it is not clear whether he has ended signing the contract with the initial company or not. The truth is that there is nothing simple in the world of online sales and thinking of followers as secure clients is not automatically valid.

That is why cases are known in Amazon where some authors pay for 15 or 20 people to buy their books and leave good reviews, knowing that then that will bring hundreds of sales.

The essential to have real influence

If you are one of those who think or already work to become influencer in social networks, I recommend you in a special way work on a specific niche, one that you manage well and where you can interact with knowledge of the subject with your followers.

Do not focus on adding millions of likes to show beautiful photos or you could end up pulling a contract for not selling 36 shirts.