Becky G and J-Hope break records

Suria Ibañez
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After the intrigue between Becky G and the famous BTS vocalist J-Hope caused the secret that both jealously guarded before becoming public, this pair of singers shocked their fans. When the secret came to light after many clues that both left through social networks, it was known that this pair of handsome men would collaborate with the single Chicken Noodle Soup.

Becky G and J-Hope break records – Showbiz – WebMediums
Becky G and J-Hope

Becky G and J-Hope sweep

The single was of course expected to be a hit, and it clearly succeeded as the J-Hope fandom immediately started watching the video, and they even started performing the Chicken Noodle Soup Challenge. The video was directed by YongSeok Choi, who had already collaborated with BTS on some. The wonderful thing about the single is the language combination between Korean-English and Spanish.

However, what was really all the rage was behind the scenes of the video when J-Hope can be seen sending a greeting to Jungkook showing him the recording set. This caused even more furor when the beautiful Becky G sent her regards to Kookie.

The single currently has 45,605,559 million views and thousands of comments, in addition the vocalist BTS managed to place the single in first place on iTunes, reaching the now famous song Gangnam Style.

The single has undoubtedly been a hit on all music platforms. It also continues to gain strength thanks to the challenge that J-Hope launched the same day. The challenge was called Chicken Noodle Soup Challenge, it consists of imitating the choreography used by J-Hope and Becky G in the music video.

The challenge has not been easy for some as they mention that the choreography itself is complex, however their fans have not stopped trying by uploading their videos to Twitter under the hashtags # JHOPE # JHOPExBeckyG # CNSChallenge #CNS.

Becky G and J-Hope break records – Showbiz – WebMediums