BLACKPINK unleashes their style in JALOUSE magazine photoshoot

Cristian García
2 min read

Today, JALOUSE magazine has released a new photoshoot with what would be the members of BLACKPINK. In this way, the members would be revealing a new style that would take them to a level never seen before. Thus, everything seems to indicate that it would be a preview of the next return of this girl band, which is expected to happen for the month of November.

BLACKPINK unleashes their style in JALOUSE magazine photoshoot

JALOUSE's photoshoot was accompanied by an extremely rebellious and sensual style that reflects so much this K-pop group. Thus, the so-called crush style would have been intensified when seeing Rose, Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo with clothes and an extremely intriguing appearance that would leave everyone with enough expectations for their next musical return.

BLACKPINK's Rose, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo wow with photos for JALOUSE magazine

Lisa would have looked extremely rebellious by wearing combat boots and makeup that would show her rebelliousness. Thus, this BLACKPINK member would continue to consolidate as one of the biggest divas on the current scene.

Jennie would wear a more glamorous and sensual style, having a dress and combat boots. Thus, the artist would reveal a new facet that would make her dazzle like never before. In addition, she also accompanied the session with a more casual and summery style, although still looking sensual.

Rose would keep her crush style, although her charm would be intensifying. Thus, the member would show a totally rebellious dress and makeup, although her look and facial expression would show her characteristic charm in front of the cameras.

Jisoo wore a more mature and sensual look, which made her nickname the Korean Harley Quinn. Thus, he would be dressing in a fairly formal suit and combat boots that would give him a unique appearance in front of the cameras. Therefore, there is no doubt that Jisoo is one of the sexiest K-pop artists on the scene today.

In this way, this all seems to be a preview of what will be seen in BLACKPINK's new return to the music scene. All expectations are sky-high, after the news broke that Ariana Grande's producer, Tommy Brown, would be producing the new single for said girl band.