K-pop: Are Jungkook and Lisa coming out?

Fermín Gómez
2 min read

For some time, fans of Jungkook of BTS and Lisa of BLACKPINK suspect that there is a relationship between the two.

They even got nominated as a couple at the KCAMéxico awards. In this regard, some approve and others do not. After what Dispatch will reveal a picture of both singers holding hands as if going on a date, the BLINKS and ARMYS have exploded with such a bomb that launched the medium.

As it is known by all the fans, Dispatch he is usually the first to publicize pairs within the kpop, although the news may turn out to be true and may also turn out to be false. But the photo that presented that medium has gone viral.

Dispatch is a company recognized in the world of kpop that usually disseminates couples so that after they are confirmed by the agencies of each artist, in this case, YG Entertainment agency Lisa and BIG HIT Entertainment agency Jungkook.

Sometimes, as it has happened before, Dispatch delete the photos and reveal that it was false. So some have expressed that the best thing is simply to wait without passion.

K-pop: Are Jungkook and Lisa coming out? – Showbiz – WebMediums

Some fans claim that the aforementioned photo of Jungkook y Lisa is false and has been edited by Dispatch. It is mentioned that the hands that appear to be intertwined are not really and the photograph has been edited.

But that does not mean that the company has an irreproachable management. It is known by all in the middle, that the agencies pay Dispatch so that street on certain rumors.

Once again, that company leaves us all speechless and intrigued by a more forceful response.

Many expect the confirmation or denial of the couple to unveil the intrigue that has exploded social networks. And determine if what has transpired is real or just a fantasy of the kpopers.