BLACKPINK's Jennie Posts Photos And Sparks Collaboration Rumors With Ariana Grande

Cristian García
2 min read

BLACKPINK is about to return to the music industry, so all their fans or BLINK are extremely excited about the new project that this group would be bringing. As is well known, a variety of rumors have arisen about a collaboration between this girl band and Ariana Grande, due to the strong friendship that they all maintain. Still, all the rumors hadn't escalated until Jennie's recent posting to her Instagram account.

BLACKPINK's Jennie Posts Photos And Sparks Collaboration Rumors With Ariana Grande

JenniE is perhaps one of the most active members of BLACKPINK when it comes to social media. Therefore, it is normal to see that this idol uploads all kinds of images to her famous Instagram account. Thus, recently the K-pop singer uploaded a series of images with extremely strange messages that would arouse rumors about a possible collaboration.

BLACKPINK's Jennie reveals details about this K-pop group's comeback

Jennie would have uploaded, to Instagram, two photos with different messages. The first one would have a message saying "get your head in the game". In this way, everything seems to indicate that it would be about a phrase of the new BLACKPINK song and that it could be a single sung entirely in English.

In the second photograph, rumors of collaboration with Ariana Grande are intensifying. Thus, the idol would be saying that "she is waiting for something magical". In this way, it seems that Jennie has expressed these words to indicate that the return of BLACKPINK will be loaded with a lot of surprises.

BLACKPINK would have confirmed that they would be working with Tommy Brown on their next single. This would be the famous star producer of Ariana Grande and who has created the biggest songs of this pop diva. In addition, Tommy Brown would have shared a series of images with all these artists, which would be sparking rumors of a collaboration between Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK.