Twice's Mina could leave the group for good due to her anxiety issues

Cristian García
3 min read

The case of the famous member of Twice, Mina, has been something that has shocked the entire community of the famous K-pop genre and around the world. All this is due to the fact that the artist would be presenting strong anxiety and insecurity problems on stage, which would prevent her from participating in the group's promotions.

Twice's Mina could leave the group for good due to her anxiety issues

Mina recently returned to South Korea after spending time in various parts of Asia after promoting the group in Japan and starting her Twicelights world tour. All the images and videos that were published on the internet after the return of the famous Twice member, while leaving the South Korean airport, reflect that Mina is in a very serious health condition.

The artist was all the time with a rather alarming appearance and did not deign, at any time, to look at the cameras. In addition, she was accompanied by her mother and members of her agency JYP Entertainment who took care of her and guided her until she was away from the public spotlight.

The following video would correspond to Mina's departure from the South Korea airport after her return after having declared her hiatus or break from the Twice group, due to her strong anxiety problems:

Twice's agency JYP Entertainment made a statement following Mina's return to South Korea:

Minari's return to Korea is not due to a special reason or scheduled activity. As previously revealed, she is currently resting due to health reasons, and it is difficult for her to participate in scheduled activities, including the world tour. We look forward to your speedy recovery. We will share updates if there are any changes regarding your status in the future.

Users of all social networks joined to comment on the state of health in which Mina de Twice is observed, noting that it is possible that she will finally leave the group, due to the strong emotional problems that she is currently experiencing. All this would be supported by the last appearance of the artist, where she was seen with a somewhat sad and weak face.

At the moment, no other statement has been made about when Mina would be rejoining Twice's promotions, although all its members always remember that Mina will be returning to the group soon. This was expressed at the previous MGMA 2019 gala, where they pointed out that they would soon be returning to the stage together.