BLACKPINK's Lisa cries after returning to her country and receiving touching tribute from BLINKs

Cristian García
2 min read

BLACKPINK's Lisa was previously participating in a special Moonshot event, where she managed to have a fairly intimate encounter with her fans or BLINK. In this way, she participated in a series of entertainment activities and, in addition, managed to visualize a series of tributes that moved the South Korean artist to what would be tears.

BLACKPINK's Lisa cries after returning to her country and receiving touching tribute from BLINKs

Lisa would have participated in a meeting or meeting with fans in Bangkok, Thailand. In this way, the BLACKPINK member would have shared a special moment with a variety of BLINKs who let them know how much they loved her and all the support they offered her unconditionally. For all this, Lisa found herself extremely emotional on multiple occasions.

Lisa gets emotional after touching message from BLINKs

On the second day of the meeting between Lisa and the BLINKs, all these fans decided to organize a video showing the love they would have for the artist, being accompanied by an extremely beautiful song of Thai origin. As expected, the BLACKPINK member couldn't contain herself and shed some tears.

In addition to the video, the BLINKs also shared their stories of how Lisa would have helped them overcome all their problems and achieve their goals regardless of adversity. All of this made Lisa even more moved and shed some additional tears. Thus, it would be reflected that the connection between Lisa and the BLINKs is extremely strong, making the artist count on them in all the difficult moments that she must live as an idol.

All this has caused millions of people to organize themselves on social networks to give a few words of support to Lisa and mention how much they love her. Additionally, they have expressed that they are happy to see her succeed in the music industry and to know that she is extremely happy after seeing the support received by the BLINKs.