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Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak's new album "An Evening with Silk Sonic"

Luis Rafael
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The fact that two singers from the time of the likes of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak have gotten together to make music, means that we are only going to have wonderful things. Under the name Silk Sonic, his first collection has the name: “An Evening with Silk Sonic”.

On this "evening with Silk Sonic", we participate in a pretentious excursion through funk, R&B and disco sounds that transport us to the 70s and 80s of the 20th century. They do it through a tracklist of 9 songs to which we could already pay attention in all the arrangements, both physical and advanced.

The themes that are part of the album

Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak's new album "An Evening with Silk Sonic"
Bruno Mars and Anderson's new album. Paak "AN EVENING WITH SILK SONIC"

This new album that has been so awaited by all the Hooligans has been the first album made by the artist Bruno Mars together with the Silk Sonic record label, in fact, they had never worked together, however, this 9-track album has had a lot of success.

Among the songs that will be part of this album by Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak are: "Silk Sonic Intro", "Leave The Door Open", "Smokin Out The Window", "Skate", "Fly As Me", "Put On a Smile",“Blast Off”, “777” and finally “After Last Night”.

These are the nine main songs that are part of the new album of the famous protagonist of "24k Magic" and in less than 48 is already positioned as No. 1 in YouTube music trend.

Of each one of them, only three were previously published: “Leave The Door Open”, “Smokin Out The Window” and “Skate”, they only published these before the release of the album.

"Leave the Door Open" is one of the most listened to songs on Spotify

Three melodies that were released along with their video clips and that have earned all the respect of their fans. Especially “Leave The Door Open”, which until today is one of the songs with the highest number of reproductions on “Spotify” with more than 620 million.

The styles they used for the album

Among the new ones that have been delivered on November 12, we can denote styles similar to the themes mentioned above. For starters, Silk Sonic Intro functions as a fun, danceable show that sets the main frames for what's to come.

Then, at that point comes the remarkable “Leave The Door Open” and “Fly As Me”, a 100% uncontrolled song that respects Bruno's afro hair in this work. A delight for fans of this style.

In “After Last Night”, Thundercat and Bootsy Collins stand out, the main coordinated efforts in the collection. It is followed by “Smokin Out The Window” and his excursion to the 70s, which leads to “Put On a Smile”. Two other slow tracks that allow vocalists to flaunt their voices.

"777" is animated with more uncontrolled sounds, like Skate and its great music video.

Finally, we have “Blast Off”, a song that surprises with a guitar solo reminiscent of those made by Prince. How about we recall that Bruno Mars gave him a ruthless acknowledgment only a couple of years earlier.