BTS's Jungkook manages to sell, in minutes, the garment he used on J-Hope's VLIVE

Cristian García
2 min read

BTS's Jungkook is well known for his Hand of Midas, which means that everything he wears, he manages to sell in a matter of minutes. This is something that has been witnessed in his recent appearance on J-Hope's VLIVE, where the artist would be wearing an outfit, which would have been sold in no time.

BTS's Jungkook manages to sell, in minutes, the garment he used on J-Hope's VLIVE

The surprising thing about this idol is that he always wears things from luxurious brands, which is why his clothing is extremely high. In this way, it is something extraordinary that Jungkook has the opportunity to have the ability to sell everything that is proposed, regardless of the cost of that product.

BTS's Jungkook uses his Midas Hands to sell garment he wore on J-Hope's VLIVE

The garment or flannel that Jungkook would have used in J-Hope's VLIVE would be selling within minutes of the end of said broadcast. In this way, the main suppliers or sellers of said item would be announcing that all the merchandise would be sold out due to this great idol.

Days later, Jungkook would have appeared in a special BTS event called Summer Package, where the idol would be showing quite expensive clothes, which would have been sold a few days after the premiere of said special program. This would be showing that Jungkook is perhaps one of the most desired artists and that he often serves as an example to a variety of people around the world.

In this way, there would be no doubt that Jungkook is perhaps the real version of the Hand of Midas, which is why this idol is highly coveted by all kinds of brands worldwide. Therefore, the artist always tends to take great care of his image to continue being named as a fashion icon.