Descendants 3 premieres and Disney pays tribute to Cameron Boyce with a special video

Cristian García
3 min read

Yesterday the long-awaited Disney film, The Descendants 3, was released. It would be the last film in which Cameron Boyce would be participating after being declared deceased several days ago, due to epilepsies that he suffered while he was sleeping. In this way, Disney has wanted to publish a video with the film, which would be paying tribute to such an admirable Hollywood actor.

Descendants 3 premieres and Disney pays tribute to Cameron Boyce with a special video

In this film it is possible to see a tribute video with several scenes of the actor, where he is shown quite animated and is remembered for being that quite charismatic and positive character in life. In addition, this video includes several shots of the actor in the recordings of countless Disney Channel projects in which he participated. This would be the final goodbye by Disney after a great loss experienced last month when learning about the death of Cameron Boyce.

This tribute video was released together with Los Descendants 3, a tape that is also dedicated to the actor, showing a message of tribute at the end of said film. All this caused the release of said film to be delayed so that Disney could give a moment of peace to all the actor's relatives and so that he could organize this commemoration after such excellent work that Boyce did during his stay on that channel.

Likewise, the entire cast of The Descendants remembered the loss of the actor. In this way, the actors published on their social networks images with Cameron Boyce dedicating a few words of pain and at the same time of joy for all those moments they lived and enjoyed together.

S ofia Carson, one of the main characters of The Descendants, dedicated a few words to the actor in one of his Instagram stories followed by a post with a tribute video to Cameron Boyce:

To say that you changed my life would be little, but if I'm honest, I can't find the right words to talk about the beautiful fairy tale that you gave me, you have taken me on the journey of your life. Every precious moment, every memory, every smile, has felt like pixie dust, pure magic. But above all my dear Evie you gave me an angel.

This would be Disney's farewell tribute after the death of Cameron Boyce on July 6, due to an epileptic attack suffered by the actor due to a disease that he was fighting. The reality is that Boyce will always be remembered for his great work and for his quite upbeat and fun personality.