Die Youtuber Emily Hartridge at 35 years of age

Cristian García
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Today the tragic news of the death of the famous youtuber has been known Emily Hartridge. The cause of his death, according to his family, was due to a traffic accident lived on Friday. All the communication was made directly from the social networks of the artist.

Die Youtuber Emily Hartridge at 35 years of age – Showbiz – WebMediums

Emily's family published an instagram image with a statement, where they mention the death of the beloved youtuber:

This is something horrible to say on Instagram, but we know that many of you expected to see Emily today and this is the only way to contact them at the same time. Emily was involved in an accident yesterday and passed away. We all loved her very much, and we will never forget her. She has touched so many lives that it is difficult to imagine things without her. He was a very special person.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, the Metropolitan Police of London he had made public statements in which he pointed out the death of a woman because of an accident where a vehicle and an electric scooter skateboard was involved. The Guardian notes that the deceased woman was Emily Hartridge.

For now, the London police has not yet published the name of the person killed in the accident. Despite this, everything seems to indicate that it was the well-known youtuber, Emily Hartridge.

The last publication of the famous youtuber was last Friday, when he answered a person who asked if Emily was a man because of his incredible strength and muscles. Even so, the youtuber simply ended up responding that it did not fit any canon of beauty or social norms.

I have never adhered to social norms and I certainly will not start now.

Emily Hartridge was a youtuber who had more than 300,000 subscribers on said website. His videos were of various themes, which ranged from mental health and on various topics of daily life.

Hartridge had participated in the famous television series Sketch My Life, which made him be recognized by a large community of people.

The artist was planning to perform his first conference on mental health to be able to help all those people who were afflicted by this sensitive issue at present.

Artists and youtubers react to the death of Emily Hartridge

The photo that went up emily's family to his Instagram social network has had an answer from numerous large number of artists, who expressed their condolences and pain at such a great loss among the YouTube community.

Similarly, Twitter was crammed with comments from celebrities expressing their pain over tragic news. In this way, the community of YouTube Creators he left a message expressing the pain of hearing about the tragic news of the death of one of his creators:

We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic loss of a truly talented British creative Emily Hartridge Our thoughts and condolences extend to all your loved ones and fanatics.

Maude Garrett she also expressed herself on social networks indicating that she was extremely hurt by the death of her dear friend Emily:

I'm really struggling to understand the sudden death of my friend @emilyhartridge. It was a radiant light that always found a reason to laugh.

This tragic news has left the YouTube community in mourning, which has already expressed itself in all the media to express its pain and lament before such a tragic event.