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Eldest son of Piqué and Shakira made his debut as a sports commentator

Shakira celebrates with great joy the triumphs of her two children.

Veronica Morao
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Eldest son of Piqué and Shakira made his debut as a sports commentator
Ibai Llanos and Milan Pique

The eldest son of the singer Shakira, and the soccer player Gerard Piqué, appeared as a commentator, with only 9 years.

A few days ago, the singer broke the "discretion" agreement that she and her husband had. In this way, he openly praised the Catalan defender for the great game that took place this past Sunday against Real Madrid, which he led with a 0-4 win over FC Barcelona.

Now, the couple's eldest son, Milan Piqué Mebarak, dedicated special comments to his father, during his first appearance as a sports streamer. This left all the followers surprised.

Milan spoke in a conversation with the famous broadcaster Ibai Llanos, with whom Piqué has started several collaborations in the world of online communications and the so-called eSports.

The little boy assured that his father 'is a little older', but that he continues to play a fundamental role in Barça's triumphs.

Milan, in his role as a sports commentator, explained that his father is very good and that he makes excellent passes. He also indicated that he always passes the ball to the player who is separated, as more open, ensuring that he does not know what his father could improve.

It should be noted that Sasha Piqué Mebarak, the youngest of the house, was also present in the studio. However, his cowardice and his seven years of age kept him in a discreet background.

Sasha even prefers to give her opinion in the area of physical disciplines, especially martial arts.

Shakira herself shared a fun video, a few days ago, in which she was seen celebrating, with great joy, the triumph of her youngest son in a competition of these activities.

In the publication of the Colombian, she added a comment exclaiming that, if they do not want her to scream so much in the next tournament, they will have to wear a muzzle.