Emily Ratajkowski sets the kitchen on fire almost naked

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This sought-after American model knows how to be the center of attention on her Instagram, and almost every day she promotes herself. One way to gain more audience on the networks is by taking good shots and videos of themselves.

Emily Ratajkowski sets the kitchen on fire almost naked – Showbiz

Emily is a clear example of this because she is a recognized model and does not miss the opportunity to share photos, undoubtedly spectacular, of herself. Almost every day Ratajkowski shares photos of her best poses and revealing her spectacular attributes, this woman is a goddess!

Many of the celebrities share photos of their lives as professionals in their career, Emily is clear that photographs of her usual life and by chance are the ones that her followers like the most, she is clear about how to attract attention and provoke gossip that they give even more fame.

This time the model did some shots in the kitchen that oh my God! He warmed her up, no matter what pose or what clothes she is wearing, everything looks spectacular on this woman and that great body that they have is undoubtedly envied and desired by many.

In the photo you can see Emily sitting on the kitchen counter wearing a button-down shirt in which she leaves the chest buttons open to show a little more skin, in her hand she has a fruit that brings closer to her mouth and her pose is spectacular and quite sensual.

There are those who say that the photo is somewhat scandalous, but there is neither the first nor the last photo in which the model shows her spectacular attributes. And even though this type of publication is common on his Instagram, he never ceases to amaze with every photo he shares with his followers.

His account has more than 600,000 likes in less than 24 hours, not to mention the number of comments they make to praise his spectacular beauty.

Emily Ratajkowski sets the kitchen on fire almost naked – Showbiz