Emma Garcia speaks after her program change

The presenter of Women and Men and Vice-versa has expressed her feelings after an unexpected change.

Arachely Perez
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Emma Garcia speaks after her program change – Showbiz – WebMediums

It has been rumored that she herself asked the dome of Mediaset a change to carry so much time doing the same.

The news of the change has revolutionized social networks, the host will present the program live life while Toñi Moreno will take his place in the reality Women and men and vice versa.

It is not something new that since the program was transferred to Four audiences have been declining, that's why Mediaset i would have decided to change the presenters to try to toñi boost therating

Many have raised their voices so that they do not remove Toñi of Live life even faces of famous but apparently the decision is irrevocable.

According to sources close Toñi is misplaced making the idea. At first, it hits and is a big stick. It is an important change, but she will take care of the tronistas with her self-confidence.

Emma on your part in your account Instagram he has published a photo with a revealing text: Thank you always for your love. You make me smile even in difficult times.A whole statement of pure feelings, it is really difficult to get used to the idea that it will not be anymore, it is difficult to imagine myHyV without Emma Garcia.

Despite the highs and lows of the program, the only one that has always remained at the bottom of the canyon has been the same presenter, so it is totally understandable that she is going through a difficult moment to say goodbye forever to the program that has given her so many beautiful and wonderful moments. Now he has a new challenge to face.

We will be able to see it on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon in a new format that several important presenters of the chain have already conducted. Maria Teresa Campos and Toñi Moreno. will it be a successful change for both the presenters and the format?

Time will tell…