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Famous Kim Kardashian debuted as host of Saturday Night Live

His emotional speech won the hearts of the people

Luis Rafael
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Well-known socialite Kim Kardashian made her appearance as the host of Saturday night live. He won the love of the crowd with his enthusiastic speech.

The famous businesswoman was mounted on the prestigious stage of the television program "Saturday night live" for the night of October 9; and gave a very emotional presentation in charge of the NBC show.

He impressed with his opening speech, showing his incredible comic inclination by caricaturing his life and that of his family. The expression he used To start his speech and break the ice, he was: "I know, I'm also surprised to see myself here."

Kardashian also added these words: “When they asked me, I thought, 'Do you want me to be the host? Why?'. I haven't had a movie premiere in a long time. I mean, actually, I only had that movie and no one told me it was being released”, she said wryly, referring to her famous sex tape that made her a name recognizable at first glance.

Famous Kim Kardashian debuted as host of Saturday Night Live
The famous Kim Kardashian made her debut as the host of Saturday Night Live

"I'm so much more than just a pretty face," Kardashian said.

Kardashian is one of those superstars, with great influence in society; her body, her great looks and her way of creating content, lña has become a super famous.

Currently, the mother of four had the option to poke fun at her detractors' reactions to the NBC show.

“I'm so excited to show you that I am so much more than just a pretty face … and that I have great hair, great makeup, and amazing breasts,” she jokingly commented.

His family was not spared from being the victim of the jokes. Kim referred to being "way beyond that reference photograph my sisters show their plastic specialist." She also commented that lately she has received the term "gold digger" from her mother's boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

He even talked about his breakup with his current spouse, Kanye West. He said that he married "the best rapper of all time", who is also "the richest black man in the United States", so the separation would be caused "only by one thing: his personality."

Kim Kardashian and her performance on SNL

As a host, the author of Skims also participated in some comedic parts of the SNL show.

In them, she poked fun at her own dress line, parodied her sister Kourtney, rapped, and performed alongside Pete Davidson as Jazmin and Aladdin. Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner additionally appeared on the scene.