Famous wants to reduce the pension to his ex-wife.

Apparently the well-known ballplayer Alex Rodriguez couple of Jennifer Lopez at present wants to reduce the monthly expense of forced way that it happens to his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis mother of his only two daughters Natasha and She. The player's close sources have revealed this news.

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Famous wants to reduce the pension to his ex-wife. – Showbiz – WebMediums

At the beginning of the year, supposedly public comments were made that the player was threatening his ex-wife with reducing the monthly maintenance payments he pays for his only two daughters.

This Tuesday, close sources of the former baseball player Yankee from New York and now sportscaster Y businessman confirmed to the chain TMZ that the battle is true, because according to Alex Rodriguez with 20 thousand dollars a month would be enough to support the girls.

So far according to this same source that has not been identified Alex deposit $ 115,000 monthly payments for pensions for girls and their ex-wife, complying with the agreement that was determined during the couple's divorce in 2008, it should be noted that at that time she had signed a contract for 275 million dollars for 10 years with the team of New York Yankees.

Apparently after his retirement in 2016 Alex alleges that their income was reduced 30 million dollars a year alone 3 million dollars.

According to what was said in TMZ, the former player calculated that his daughters Natasha of 13 years and She of 10 years would need between 7,000 and 12,000 monthly pains to maintain the lifestyle they had before separation.

Apparently he is willing to pay 20 thousand pains per month and cover the cost of education for minors.

The closest ones allege that his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis refuses and demands that at least it reaches the amount of 50 thousand pains monthly

Various means like TMZ among others they have tried to obtain the version of the mother of the girls before this controversy, but it has not been able to be, the woman has maintained the silence and she has not wanted to give declarations to any means of press. Quite the contrary when 10 years ago filed the divorce suit against Alex. At that time, through his lawyers, he made it very clear that he had exhausted all the resources necessary to save his marriage but that it had not been possible. At that time the expelotero was related to a supposed romance with the singer Madonna that both always denied it.

In the divorce lawsuit Scurtis He said that the marriage was totally broken because of the repeated rumors of romances involving the former player. She also denounced that her husband had emotionally abandoned both her and her daughters; at the time Natasha I was 3 years old and She only 11 months old.

Over the years and after your relationship with Jennifer Lopez he has been seen a lot with his girls and sharing moments in family.

According to the publications of TMZ to Alex Rodriguez The 43-year-old is upset that his ex-wife and mother of his daughters do not work or do anything although he has a master's degree in psychology. He also reported that his recent partner has several residences and cars and another child without generating income that he makes them arrive month to month.

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