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Farruko praises God in concert

At the offered concert he apologized for the lyrics of his songs

Veronica Morao
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Farruko praises God in concert – Showbiz – WebMediums

This Saturday, Farruko's performance at a concert generated controversy, by proclaiming his preaching in the middle of the event, after apologizing to his fans for the lyrics of some of his songs.

During his performance, at the FTX Arena in Miami, the Puerto Rican singer assured that he did not know what he was saying in his songs and he is not proud of it.

During the presentation, his song "Pepas" could be heard, released in 2021, but the singer did not sing the lyrics. In this song, verses related to drug use are heard to be able to enjoy in nightclubs.

The musical businessman José "Pompi" Vallejo of Mr&Mrs Entertainment, released a video in which Farruko was heard saying that only God knows how many children he hurt and that today he is in charge of asking for forgiveness as a human being, since love begins with forgiveness.

At the concert he also added that all people are sinners, according to the Bible and that God is good. With this, he confirms his conversion to religion.

The singer claimed that he used to pray for money and fame, but he failed God, and after giving him what he asked for, he forgot about him.

Those attending the event enjoyed songs such as: "Chillax", "Mi forma de ser", "El Incomprendido". Despite enjoying the performance, he avoided saying the strong parts of the songs, so he let the audience sing those parts.

Last year, during the press conference for the release of his new album “La 167”, Farruko announced that he would soon be preparing for his musical retirement, so this concert could be a sign that that moment is drawing near.

Video del concierto de Farruko

Comments on the networks

Many of his followers cataloged this performance on social networks as "a mass". Some of those present at the concert decided to withdraw from the preaching of the word.

One of the spectators posted on his Twitter account that he had plans to enjoy a reggaeton concert, but decided on a sermon. He added that he had to spend $250 to listen to Pastor Farruko.

Another user commented that the only good thing about the concert is that he no longer has to go to mass on Sunday.