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Hailey Bieber scorns rumors of Justin Bieber's apparent abuse

Luis Rafael
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Hailey Bieber knows that certain people think Justin Bieber is not a decent spouse, and she needs everyone to realize that they couldn't be "further from the truth."

She acknowledged the theory about how Justin Bieber treats her while talking to Demi Lovato on the 4D With Demi Lovato digital broadcast, calling it a "big fat" lie. "There are endless stories about me, about him, about us together," shared Hailey Bieber. "Justin is not nice to her and abuses her and I am similar, he is so distant from reality and it is the opposite."

She continued, "I'm really lucky to say that I am with someone who is very deferential to me and constantly makes me feel exceptional. Ultimately, when I see something contrary to that, it seems to me, huh?"

Insiders of the couple have reproached Justin for not focusing on his better half for quite some time, even after getting married a second time in September 2019.

Hailey Bieber scorns rumors of Justin Bieber's apparent abuse

Hailey Bieber mention that her relationship with Justin Bieber is not going at all well

The model recently tended to be confused about her marriage after a video emerged of Justin evidently yelling at Hailey in Las Vegas. Hailey Bieber basically revealed to her adherents that she and her better half lived it in Sin City and that "some other stories that creep around are false from the past." Try not to deal with the negative shit, people. "

However, in her discussion with the Sorry Not Sorry artist, Hailey admitted that their relationship has not been without its problems. He shared that he used to struggle with the feeling of having lost his freedom and his own character.

"There were times when I felt that I had lost that within our relationship, especially when it was new and before everything," he clarified, adding that since then they have sought treatment and advice from different couples.

The model expressed her words about the rumors to the media

Currently, they feel open to doing whatever they want to do. "We both really estimate space," he shared. "Something I love is that in case we're somewhere together... we could part ways for a long time at a party and meet for five minutes and say, 'Would you say you're having a good time? I'll see shortly. 'And just keep moving forward. "

As she said, "He trusts me... I trust him... Sounds like a decent space to me."

The couple showed they are more grounded than at any other time when they praised the commemoration of their third wedding at the 2021 Met Gala on Monday, September 13. And considering it was more work than good timing for the pop star and model, Justin made his better half feel like the top lady in the room with his rendition of All That Matters.