Harrison Ford is born in 1942

Cristian García
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The present day, july 13, it's the birthday of the legendary film actor, Harrison Ford, well appreciated by everyone and, above all, by the community of moviegoers. Therefore, it is necessary to mention why this character became so recognized and emblematic nowadays.

Harrison Ford is born in 1942 – Showbiz – WebMediums
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Harrison Ford is one of those actors who it was never easy for her to reach stardom. Initially, he only obtained irrelevant papers that did not help him to support himself economically, for which he had to work as a carpenter to be able to live.

Even so, one day he ended up knowing George Lucas, director of Star Wars, who would catapult him to stardom, a place he would not go down to today. In this way, in 1972, it would represent Bob Falfa in the movie American Graffiti.

Despite the success of the film, Ford failed to achieve fame and economic solvency until interpreting Han Solo in the famous film Star Wars, paper that got with the support of George Lucas. This would be the movie saga that really would take him to stardom to the actor and consolidate him as one of the best actors of all time.

In addition to its undisputed success in the film industry, Ford was also considered one of the most attractive men in Hollywood, which ended up becoming a sex symbol among women.

The films of Harrison Ford, in total, have come to collect more than 5,000 million dollars and have generated excellent reviews among the community of professionals. All this, have made him worth great reputation and multiple awards to the actor.

The most emblematic films of Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has a repertoire of films of unquestionable quality. Even so, it may be necessary to mention the most excellent alternatives that marked a before and after in the film industry. All this, in order to pay tribute to such a great Hollywood character.

Star Wars

Star Wars is the movie that marked the success of Ford's career and is considered one of the largest film sagas in the history of cinema. In this way, the actor would join George Lucas to give life to these science fiction movies.

Blade Runner

Harrison Ford played one of the cult films that have become quite loved by the movie buffs community, Blade Runner. It is directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, The Martian) & tells the story of a fictional world where there is a community of robots who pose as humans to commit mischief.

In its premiere, the film was very poorly received by the public, who, in addition, criticized the interpretation of Ford in the film after coming from movies where he is seen as a brave hero. Even so, with the passing of the years, it would have the deserved recognition.

Indiana Jones

The film that marked a collaboration between the directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. This famous film would feature Harrison Ford as the famous well-loved hero around the world at that time of premiere.

The film was very well-received by the public and critics, which caused that several sequels of this great saga were generated. In this way, they would end up returning in a series of cult films and quite preserved in the memories of moviegoers.