Images of Harry Styles are filtered in Cancun where he would be recording his new music video

Cristian García
2 min read

Today, several images of Harry Styles in Cancun have been leaked, the site where he would be filming what would be his next music video for his, perhaps, new musical project. All this news has generated great attention in the music industry community, because it would be the return of the famous One Direction singer after being away from the public spotlight for several years.

Images of Harry Styles are filtered in Cancun where he would be recording his new music video
Photo: Twitter / HS Candid.

This new audiovisual project of the singer is still unknown what it will be about, although certain images have been revealed where the actor is seen with a rather extravagant look, which would be quite common in him having had a recent change in his fashion and personality.

In previous days, Harry Styles' team visited Lombardo Toledano's colony in Cancun, looking for different houses or residences where they could film the scenes of what would seem to be the singer's new music video. In this way, several houses were chosen where all the recordings of this mysterious audiovisual project would be made.

The recordings were made from last Saturday, at noon, until early Sunday morning. All this was due to the fact that the rental of the place and the houses was only agreed for a period of a single day.

The mysterious scenes, according to rumors, come from the filming of a promotional campaign for Gucci, after the famous singer published a series of images dressed similarly as he was during the entire filming in Cancun.

Harry Styles has stayed away from the music industry, having released his first solo album in 2017. Even so, he has been seen in various entertainment and Hollywood media, such as on TV shows or participating in campaigns for fashion brands. For now, it will be necessary to wait to find out what type of project these scenes recorded in Cancun will belong to.