Is Georgina Rodríguez's dress a fail or win?

Suria Ibañez
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Georgina Rodríguez is Cristiano Ronaldo's wife, but her fame has undoubtedly been garnered for her beauty and sensuality. This beautiful model does not stop surprising her fans, being the clear example that you can achieve everything in life. She is a caring mother, a dream wife, and has a successful career.

Is Georgina Rodríguez's dress a fail or win? – Showbiz – WebMediums

Georgina Rodríguez's gray dress

Georgina Rodriguez does not stop sharing with her followers how happy she is with her family and how much she loves Cristiano Ronaldo. Cameras simply love this cutie because no matter what she wears or what pose she always manages to look amazing.

He just shared a photo on his Instagram that made us wonder if it was a win or a fail on his part. Although the dress looks super flirty, there is no doubt that it does not do total justice to the silhouette that this beautiful model has and that she has let us see on more than one occasion.

The dress is gray fitted, sleeveless and with a quite pronounced strapless neckline. Many fans praised the style of this beautiful woman while some more expressed that they did not like it one bit, because it did not make Georgina Rodríguez look quite good.

With this dress the beautiful model looked a little fuller, although it should be noted that with her 25 years and a son this woman is the envy of many. He has a body to die for and loves to exercise it. Surely the care she has for herself and for her children is one of the many reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is in love with her because together with the photograph of the dress, Georgina Rodríguez added a super romantic message with a dedication to her husband.

Is Georgina Rodríguez's dress a fail or win? – Showbiz – WebMediums

What do you think this dress was a fail or a win for Georgina Rodríguez ?