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Juanes to open the Rolling Stones show in Dallas, United States

Luis Rafael
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The band declared that the Colombian singer Juanes will proceed as a special guest artist on the "No Filter" tour that will be on November 2 throughout the North American territory and his first presentation will be at the Cotton Bowl Stadium.

The Rolling Stones are currently on tour making 14 stops throughout the United States. The “No Filter” visit is the first time the wild legends have reunited after its postponement last year. These dates are the continuation of a special first stage that broke records in 2019.

Juanes to open the Rolling Stones show in Dallas, United States
Juanes to open the Rolling Stones show in Dallas, United States

The Rolling Stones appointed Juanes to open “No Filter” in the United States.

Juanes, the Colombian artist from Medellín, is undoubtedly the world representative of Latin rock and a defender of social change. For this reason, the members of the Rolling Stones thought it was an excellent idea for this Latin rock icon to be the person who opens their show.

This is quite shocking news for the singer-songwriter of "Is Time to Change", since opening the Rolling Stones show is a dream. Millions of followers on both sides are shocked by such news and are very excited about waiting for this amazing live show.

Juanes gets the position of the second-best Latin song in history

Hailed by TIME magazine as "one of the 100 most powerful individuals on the planet" and by The New York Times as "the best known singer-songwriter in Latin America... a profound artist with an electric guitar", Juanes is one of the few artists with two of the "5 best Latin songs in history," according to Billboard.

Additionally, her singles have topped the U.S. charts multiple times and been featured on Hispanic television, including the Grammy Awards, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Tonight Show, and a few more. To top it off, it has surprisingly 25 Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards.

Known for his unique sound that consolidates his deep love for rock and popular music with wise multidimensional syntheses, in light of a respect for customary society and the folk rhythms of Colombia and Latin America, Juanes has sold many records all over the world.

In 2019, the Latin Recording Academy named him "Artist of the Year" in recognition of his "imaginative ability, his exceptional compassionate work, his support of emerging specialists and his humanitarian commitments around the planet".

Juanes' album “Origen” made him sweep at the Grammys

In his tenth and final collection, called "Origen", which was delivered close to the remarkable narration of similar name, Juanes returns with enthusiasm to Rock to transmit an astonishing assortment that reconsiders a part of the melodies and specialists that formed his melodic vision during the first part stage.

Upon its delivery, Origen was praised as "One of the most mind-blowing Latin collections of the year" by Billboard and as "A work of art... an impeccable collection that rises above the melodies... in virtuoso... in addition, it positions Juanes among the most incredible ".

Lately, the "Origen" project landed Juanes three additional Latin Grammy Awards (counting Album of the Year), expanding his status as the most designated solo artisan throughout the lifetime of honors with 45 full selections.

Beyond the Origen collection, Juanes has decided to keep reconsidering powerful melodies, including his variant of "Enter Sandman" and "Siphon it Up", chosen as the main singles of Elvis Costello's remarkable Metallica album "The Blacklist", which sparked a live exhibition of the two artists in Los Angeles and on Jimmy Kimmel Live.