Keanu Reeves becomes a trend

Suria Ibañez
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This morning Twitter was full of beautiful congratulations to the Matrix actor and Jhon Wick for his 55 years of life. With the hashtag #KeanuReeves, the fans of this handsome actor sent him their best wishes and their most sincere congratulations.

Canadian-born actor Keanu Reeves has managed to win the hearts of many people thanks to his incredible performances and unparalleled charisma. The most iconic films of this handsome man were The Matrix, The Lake House, the John Wick saga and Sweet November.

But Keanu Reeves has not only won the hearts of the public for his performance, this man has also shown great respect for the female sex, so he has let it be seen when his fans or actresses approach him, his purpose is to respect personal space. Keanu Reeves has not only shown deep respect for women, he has also shown it that way for all living beings and that is worthy of admiration.

This handsome in real life is also a fan of dogs just like he does in Jhon Wick.

Another reason to love this man is because he has a great altruistic sense, most of his fortune is donated to hospitals, but... Not just any hospital, his fortune is destined for children's hospitals.

Keanu Reeves is a man who has had to face great tragedies that have arisen throughout his life, such as the illness of his sister diagnosed with leukemia, the death of his daughter and the death of who would have been the mother of his daughter.

He is also an actor who has shown that he is not interested in luxury and has shown it in the streets, although most celebrities walk full of super ostentatious things and with private security this man has proven to be super simple.

Happy Birthday, Keanu Revees !

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