Kendall Jenner's brutal change of look

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She is recognized American model and businesswoman, she has always been characterized by maintaining the natural color of her hair since the beginning of her career, she normally looked as if she sometimes showed herself with long or short hair, but never different in her hair color.

Kendall Jenner's brutal change of look – Showbiz – WebMediums
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Yesterday the model surprised all her followers at London Fashions Week, she showed up at the Burberry fashion show and on her social networks to show her spectacular change.

115 million followers were stunned with her change, this change was the center of attention in the parade and among her followers, because she was very clever in the color she chose for her change, and it is clear that she looks great.

The light color and dark roots make the perfect contrast in the model as they highlight Kendall's beauty even more. Everyone hopes that if it is a real change because she usually does this type of thing, but for a few hours or wears accessory wigs widely used among the Kardashian family.

In her participation in this fashion event, Kendall was delivered and very professional as always, imposing when modeling and with her firmer look change, the model looked.

There is no doubt that she is one of the most sought-after and loved models in fashion, and she is very aware of that, which is why she does not miss the opportunity to take advantage and be the center of attention of events. Good for her!

Kendall Jenner's brutal change of look – Showbiz – WebMediums