King Felipe and Queen Letizia have a disagreement in public

Jesús Tremont
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King Felipe and Queen Letizia have a disagreement in public – Showbiz

A video of King Felipe with his wife in a ceremony, has gone viral due to a supposed disagreement between them.

In the famous video King Philip is seen entering a room where the cameras were waiting for him and behind him came Queen Letizia. The Queen stops a few seconds and directs a word to someone who came right after her, then goes to King Philip, and he tells him something, to which she responds with a subtle gesture and walks to the other side of the King.

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The event occurred in a meeting with the Foundation of the Spanish Committee of the World Schools in the luxurious Zarzuela palace. Thanks to the media, the video went viral all over the world.

According to the protocol of royalty, the King must first enter the room and then the Queen enters and stands on his right side, which Letizia did to the contrary, in addition to making the King wait, when he arrived, he was placed at his side left.

Currently, there is a war between international media and users of social networks. Many dismiss this event as irrelevant and unimportant, others do the opposite and even bother a lot, several newscasts wrote the news with clear intentions to leave Queen Letizia badly stopped.

We consider that this small incident is foolish, the times when royalty had to be perfect, were left behind many, many years ago, even, we believe that there should be no monarchies. It is unfortunate that in these times there are still kings, queens, princes, princesses, and so on.

Other conflicts

An event that we consider important and even ugly, on the part of Queen Letizia, was when Sofia of Greece, Queen consorts of Spain, tried to take a picture with her granddaughters, Letizia realizes this and for a reason that we do not know (intrafamilial problems we assume), stands between them and the camera, so they can not take the photo, sorry.

Video courtesy of EuroNews.

Queen Letizia has also been seen “pull" his daughters at the moment of taking a picture where Sofía leaves Greece, wanting to make the girls look closer to her.

It is no mystery to anyone that among these people there is no good as they would say in Spain. It is known by all that they have many differences and that although they are from the “royalty", they can not hide them.