Kylie Jenner shows herself in a sensual black dress

Suria Ibañez
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There is no doubt that a breakup can serve you two things; the first to start crying or the second to keep moving forward and looking much prettier. In the case of the youngest of the Kardashian clan, everything seems to indicate that her breakup has only served to keep her looking super beautiful and flirtatious.

Kylie Jenner shows herself in a sensual black dress – Showbiz – WebMediums

Kylie Jenner is beating Travis Scott

After the wedding of the famous singer Justin Bieber, rumors about an alleged infidelity to Kylie Jenner by her then partner Travis Scott arose. Well, the smallest of the Kardashian clan attended Justin Bieber's wedding without her partner. After this the rumors became stronger and although to date it has not been confirmed if it was real or just rumors, their separation was inevitable.

They share a daughter, little Stormi Webster. Stormi Webster is presumed that she was not affected because they were on good terms showing themselves as really mature parents in terms of their relationship with their daughter. The two are presumed to have gotten together to spend time with their little girl.

However, one of the things that continues to surprise and captivate the most is the beauty and sensuality of this young mother. Kylie Jenner has shown that nothing prevents her from moving forward, and she has done so, with projects and work, Kylie Jenner has endured this breakup.

Kylie Jenner shows herself in a sensual black dress – Showbiz – WebMediums

In addition, she has not stopped taking care of her figure and this was shown in some photographs that she recently uploaded to her Instagram where she poses with a black mini dress, which also has a super flirty deep neckline. The dress accompanies it with a net shoe that allows you to see that not only takes care of your figure but also its aesthetics because it sports a super cute pedicure in white or at least that is what you can see.