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Maluma aspires to be a Hollywood star

The Colombian showed his desire to become the first Latin Batman

Veronica Morao
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Maluma aspires to be a Hollywood star – Showbiz – WebMediums

Colombian Maluma loves to travel the world on his musical tours. However, he now has the movie project "Marry me", in which he is accompanied by Jeniffer López, as his new conquest.

The Colombian has made it clear that this is the beginning of his role as an actor. As for this film, the singer believes that it should stay that way, since it had a good start and he cannot be discouraged. He has defined the genre, since he has said that he wants to participate in action movies.

In recently offered statements, he confirmed that he wants to break many stereotypes and aspires to be the first Latin Batman. In addition, he considers that this is the right time to fulfill his dream of entering the world of cinema in Hollywood.

The new film with JLO

Maluma aspires to be a Hollywood star – Showbiz – WebMediums
Maluma, Owen Wilson and JLO

The new feature film called "Marry Me" was released on the Peacock platform in the United States, for the celebration of Valentine's Day.

Maluma stars as Bastian and Jeniffer as Kat, both are a couple of singers who plan to get married, but end up hours before the event. Together they released a special song.

After the separation, Kat marries one of her followers (Owen Wilson), even though they did not know each other before.

Film shooting

In the course of the scenes, there was one that the singer remembers fondly. He assured that he did not know Owen Wilson, and the first moment he saw him was for a scene in which he had to yell profanity at him.

At the end of this scene, Maluma apologized and assured Wilson that he is not like that, to which the actor replied with a hug, telling him that he was fine and that he liked how he did the first scene, Maluma said.

In this experience he had the support of Jeniffer López, who is a professional in the music and film industry. She also knows Maluma beforehand for his musical collaborations on the songs "Pa Ti" and "Lonely"

One of the scenes was performed at a Maluma concert in New York at Madison Square Garden, and Jlo had a surprise appearance.

Maluma remembers that moment with great affection, since not everyone has the fortune to record a movie at the same time that they are doing a concert.